Complete pictures and results of the 6th Hub Rally Cross

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In collaboration with Indus Motor Company, Toyota Highway Motors organized the 6th Hub Rally Cross at Max Dirt Arena, Sherwani Farm Houses, Hub Chowki on 20th January 2019. 

It was a one-day event where Pakistan’s leading rally racers such as Ronnie Patel, Tushna Patel, Dr. Imran Ali Shah, Noman Saranjam, Shad Ali Khan, and Amir Magsi participated.  Aside from renowned racers, people who love motorsports also gathered in large number to watch the thrilling race competition.

The 6th Hub Rally Cross consisted of 7 categories, including 3 for Prepared, 3 for Stock, and 1 for Women. Following is the engine wise categorization of each category:

Prepared/Stock A Prepared/Stock B Prepared/Stock C
Above 3400cc Diesel/Petrol 2701cc – 3400cc 2700cc

The drivers competed on 11 km long track, which is one of the most versatile tracks in Pakistan. This time too was the official Digital Media Partner of the event.

The main aim of this event is to promote motorsports in the country and project Pakistan’s soft image internationally.

See the complete results below:

Check out the pictures below:


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