This is the coolest Camry or ‘CamRally’ ever!

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A United States’ NASCAR driver, Parker Kligerman has tweeted what seems to the be the coolest Toyota Camry every made. And its not called Camry. Its called ‘CamRally’, because as it looks, it is a Camry built to go off and on the road in the most ferocious form of motor racing, rally!

No details except that he says that all of us should tune into his Youtube channel soon to see this beast of a car in action pretty soon.

Here are the pictures.

BX5t1SRCYAAbACU.jpg largeBX5uZ5uCcAAsD9E.jpg largeBX6HZNMCAAE72E6.jpg large

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  1. Faisal Mohammed Ayub says

    Wah… Baby Camry…..

  2. Ahmed Dawood says

    Nice graphics

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