Corolla Altis Grande 1.8L Manual Discontinued! 

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Toyota Indus Motors (IMC) has discontinued the Corolla Altis Grande 1.8L Manual variant. According to our sources, the company is not offering the car for sales anymore.

However, there is no clear reason of the discontinuation of this vehicle. The development has come at a time when IMC has announced its Altis X-Package car. The new vehicle with minor exterior and interior changes will hit the market in January 2021.

In this X-Package, the company will offer front and rear bumper kit, passenger seat belt sensor, all black interior and parking sensors.

Corolla Altis Grande 1.8L Manual: 

This variant was the second top of the line variant in Corolla cars, with a price tag of Rs3,679,000. The petrol car had almost all the latest features in Sedan cars, including cruise control, sunroof, leather seats and autoboot.

The vehicle also had the options of steering controls, keyless entry, front camera and navigation. The car was among the executive passenger vehicles in the country.

We think that the company wants to focus on its automatic variant, especially after the introduction of new X-Package. It is pertinent to mention here that Altis Grande 1.8L Automatic will get the black interior. This could mean that the company wants to focus on the automatic variant, instead of manual majorly.

Toyota Sales Hike: 

According to experts, Toyota Indus Motors (IMC) would say growth around 4-15% during FY21 and FY22, mainly due to high sales of Yaris. “Launch time was perfect, as Yaris is competing old Honda City model and there is no other major competition,” he said.

The time will tell how the discontinuation of this manual variant will impact Toyota’s sales. 

What do you think about this decision by IMC? Do you think it will impact the sales of Toyota in the near future? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section. 

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