Cost Factor of the New Premium Fuels

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The price of the new petroleum products recently launched in Pakistan will be announced in the next meeting of Ministry of Petroleum (which takes place at the end of every month). The products will remain available at current prices till then.

The minister of petroleum Shahid Khaqan Abbasi told reporters on Wednesday that the prices of Altron X High performance, will go up by Rs. 5-7 per litre. He also added that the imported fuel will be upgraded as well and the government will not regulate the prices of Altron X.

Abbasi said that Pakistan is still offering oil products at a much cheaper rate than other countries.

In our neighbouring country, the price of petrol exceeds Rs. 100 per litre, a difference of around 50%.

The government will also try to overcome the huge gas shortage this winter through additional imports.

There is a 40% shortage of gas on the SUI Northern Gas Pipelines’ Network” he said.

Last year, the government signed an import deal with Qatar to supply gas to Pakistan for 15 years at a price of 13.37% of Brent crude oil rate.

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  1. Umar Pal says

    Just had the sample checked at Total pump (T Block DHA Lahore). Its green in colour and is available now in Lahore. I guess the new name is only kept by PSO as of yet. Will check its performance in the coming week. Hope it gives more mileage.

    Well I would like to give credit to Honda Atlas here which strong armed the government into introducing this 92 RON fuel. Indeed big corporations have influence in policy making.

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