Confirmed: Audi Pakistan to Launch a Lower-End Crossover Q2 in Pakistan

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It’s been just a few days since Audi Pakistan submitted the letter of intent to the Board of Investment, expressing their interest to start manufacturing cars in Pakistan. And now it seems that the company has already made plans to expand its operations in Pakistan. Earlier today, the sources have revealed that the company is planning to introduce the entry-Intermediate level crossover Q2 in Pakistan by the first few months of 2017, which is backed by the launch of official teaser campaign for Audi Q2 on the Audi Pakistan’s Facebook page.

Audi Pakistan

Moreover, the company is already benefiting by the new Auto-mobile policy 2016-2021. According to Ali Khan, Head of Automotive at Premier Systems Private Limited; the company is selling 900+ CBU’s each year in the country, and with the launch of economical products, this number is expected to increase significantly.

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In this development, Audi has developed Q2 to aim a far younger demographic than its bigger variant Q3. The new Q2 is up against a variety of rivals, including the newly launched BMW X1. This car is on sale and comes in three trims; entry-level SE model, S line model and a limited-edition Edition # 1 model. The crossover comes with the following engine options:

  • 1.6 L Diesel Engine (114 bhp)
  • 1.4 L Petrol Engine (148 bhp)
  • Turbocharged 1.0 L Petrol Engine (114 bhp)

However, sources reveal that Audi Pakistan might be introducing this crossover with 1.0L Turbocharged Three-Cylinder Engine, which will be benefiting a lot from the Import, Registration & Tax structure of Pakistan, and on the plus side it will also allow the company to offer this vehicle at a highly competent price.

The crossover is being estimated to fall in the price-bracket of PKR 2.7-3.0 million.

Stay tuned as we will be covering this vehicle in more detail.

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  1. Ammar says

    Jut launch the VW Golf already. Stop launching weird looking cars which serve no purpose.

  2. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    at least this will give Vezel a run for its money if really launched in the 2.7-3 million price bracket!

  3. Abdul says

    In all honesty, its time that you people get a proper editor who actually fact checks stories which are writing here. No only does the entire article make no sense, but furthermore estimating prices which make no logical sense considering the import duty on 1,000 cc is 55%! That would mean the car costs USD 10,000 in Europe. Seriously? Please for sake of your readers make sense and don’t just write anything!

  4. Mohammad Saad says

    1: Please you need to realise criticism for the sake of criticism isn’t criticism at all.
    2: If the import duty on 1000cc is 55% then how do you justify the price of Audi A3 at PKR 3.8 million and BMW X1 at PKR 3.9 Million
    3: A3 features a 1.3 L, whereas BMW X1 features a 1.5 L engine
    4: Yes, PW needs to explain Tax structures but not for the sake of explanation but as a reference point, which will help in putting things in a perspective and a ‘Nobody’ will not be able to point fingers without even realising what they are criticising about


  5. Usman says

    Whoo-hoo!! 2.7-3.0 million.. if it’s true… then HRV, Vezel and civic are gonna get some serious long awaited competition.

  6. Auto expert says

    will buy Audi 1.0L turbo if priced around 13 lacs , having automatic gears , what ever its shape or size, I will buy because it’s Audi , but i do not think so that 1000cc turbo audi would be around 13 lacs , it would be around 18 lacs or so… Moreover as soon as Chinese Companies (FAW in Karachi), (JAC in Gawader), (zoyte in Punjab) will start local launches in 2017 and 2018 , Middle class people will start buying Chinese Cars owing to lesser prices and Upper Middle class and Elite class will buy Hondas, Audis , Renaults and Toyotas.. That’s predicted in Pakistani Market .

  7. Sultan Kiani says

    Audi won’t be that cheap, expect at least 2 million mark the lowest possible price. And please make one correction, Renault IS NOT luxury brand, Kiwid costs less than 600K in India, base model of Duster can be purchased at 1.5 Million PKR.

    Audi, Mercedes and BMW are luxury brands. Renault, Fiat, VW and Peugeot make cars for common man.

  8. Sultan Kiani says

    The chances of VW launching business in Pakistan are very slim. Renault could start production from 2018 if everything goes well.

  9. Sultan Kiani says

    1. You’re getting an AUDI in 2.7 Million
    2. It’s 99X cc means same tax as that of a Vitz
    3. It’s a crossover with decent ground clearance; perfect for Pakistani roads!

  10. Sultan Kiani says

    Civic is also gonna face some trouble. You may disagree saying it’s a mid-size sedan and Q-2 is an entry level crossover, but the truth is how many options do we have available in Pakistan? We have quite a few choices, if you don’t like Corolla, you must buy a Civic because there’s no other choices.

  11. Hearty boy. says

    Well with the conversion factor inferred from existing prices of Audi A3 and Audi Q3 in pakistan as compared to international market prices the price of upcoming Audi Q2 comes roughly equal to 39 lakhs,But as this model is coming to compete with recently launched BMW X1 priced at 39 lakhs. So expected price would be in 3.5 to 3.9 lakhs range.
    But this price is calculated with 1.0 litre turbocharged engine which still is 114 hp but with ample torque 200nm. But as compared to its local rivals such as honda vezel hybrid it has 150 hp(118 hp engine + 30hp electric motor) with same weight 1300 kg as compared to 1202 kg weight of audi Q2.
    So my point is it will be not fun driving at least Audi Q2 sholud have 1.4Tfsi engine.

  12. Abdul says

    The article says 2.7 to 3.0 million! The Audi Q2 is globally more expensive than the Audi A3. So if the local Audi A3 is 4 million, so how can the price of a Q2 be only 2.7 to 3.0 million! The duty for the Audi A3 is 60%, the duty for the Q2 is 55%! so there is a 5% duty difference! Hence this article makes no logical sense!

  13. Abdul says

    The article says 2.7 to 3.0 million! The Audi Q2 is globally more expensive than the Audi A3. So if the local Audi A3 is 4 million, so how can the price of a Q2 be only 2.7 to 3.0 million! The duty for the Audi A3 is 60%, the duty for the Q2 is 55%! so there is a 5% duty difference! Hence this article makes no logical sense! SO please read the article again!

  14. Abdul says


    The article says 2.7 to 3.0 million! The Audi Q2 is globally more expensive than the Audi A3. So if the local Audi A3 is 4 million, so how can the price of a Q2 be only 2.7 to 3.0 million! The duty for the Audi A3 is 60%, the duty for the Q2 is 55%! so there is a 5% duty difference! Hence this article makes no logical sense!

  15. Abdul says

    there will be no Audi for 2.7 million

    The article says 2.7 to 3.0 million! The Audi Q2 is globally more expensive than the Audi A3. So if the local Audi A3 is 4 million, so how can the price of a Q2 be only 2.7 to 3.0 million! The duty for the Audi A3 is 60%, the duty for the Q2 is 55%! so there is a 5% duty difference! Hence this article makes no logical sense!

  16. Abdul says

    Please read the article. The article says 2.7 to 3.0 million! The Audi Q2 is globally more expensive than the Audi A3. So if the local Audi A3 is 4 million, so how can the price of a Q2 be only 2.7 to 3.0 million! The duty for the Audi A3 is 60%, the duty for the Q2 is 55%! so there is a 5% duty difference! Hence this article makes no logical sense!

  17. Yasir Mansoor says

    Rather Audi should start its production, if A4 is anywhere near 3.5 million it will be an amazing price, if we can buy Vezel or Premio at this price than Audi will be an automatic choice for them

  18. Ammar says

    Isn’t Audi under the VW brand?

  19. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    VW faced heavy fines around $18bn over the emissions scandal which I GUESS dented the prospect of them entering the Pakistani market.

  20. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Is the global Q2 with the same engine spec (1.0 litre) more expensive than the A3??

  21. zahid says

    y Pakistan cant make his own brand y we r still living in old stone age .

  22. geek says

    ADAM was a PAKISTANI BRAND, DESTRUCTED BY DIRTY POLITICS OF PML’N government….Then after no PAKISTANI AUTOMAKER BRAND was let to set up because of DIRTY POLITICAL CULTURE of Pakistan..Compare yourself with Indian Patriot Industry and Taxation Board , compare there minister with Ishaq Dar ..

  23. Saad says

    LOL if ADAM had a car that didn’t look like something a dog’s vomit then maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t have gone belly up.

  24. Ammar says

    All the more reasons to dump those cars here. We don’t mind the little extra emissions :p

  25. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Yeah hahaha thats one way to look at it

  26. Guest says

    Of course with those old Bedfords spewing oodles of carbon in one rev.

    Or when rickshaws are letting out more fume than a railway locomotive.

  27. Shah says

    I am amazed how people believe such stories ignoring ground realities. Audi Q2 1L official price is about 26 lac, adding 55% duty will make it more than 55 lac. Remember it’s a luxury brand not an ordinary corolla or civic. Even a new Japanese corolla will cost about 35 lac and a pakistani grandee corolla (tin daba) costs more than 2.6 million. A new premio will cost about 5 million. Audi is not a joke, it’s made for carpet European roads not for pakistani kade. Their sensitive suspension and sensors will not tolerate paki roads making them hard to manage with expensive parts. A single faulty sensor on these German cars gives a lot of troubles and not easy to diagnose. Even in a country like UK Audi is considered as a high and luxury brand. So don’t go after these stories against facts. I wish every one in Pakistan has an Audi, but Reality is different, please look towards your country and the poor people dying daily because of poverty and diseases. In UK even a middle and lower class man can afford such cars because of fair prices and there is not much difference in living standards of poor and rich person but in Pakistan we have a big gap in rich and poor. Sadly everyone is corrupt here either mentally, morally or practically, and that’s the reason of our zawal. Sorry if it hurts someone.

  28. Waseem says

    Shah….i endorse what you have said…

  29. Aadil Tariq says

    Then how come the x1 is 40 and a3 is 40 and q3 is 57 a5 is 66 and a6 76?

  30. Shah says

    Don’t believe X1 is 40 lac. Its factory price is about £23000(Rs.30 lac), adding huge custom duty will take it to more than 5.5 million. Remember these German cars come in luxury category so their custom duty is higher than normal cars. There is no official confirmation by BMW x1 1.5 version, they come only in 2.0 engines. So the duty will be much more than what we think. I don’t understand why deewan group made so misleading news to introduce x1 1.5 version for 3.9 million unless it’s a Chinese version with poor quality build, but bmw will never do such a mistake to build a low quality x1 in a Chinese plant to ruin all its big fame Or name in the world. I don’t challenge the prices of a5 and a6 but I still stand on my point regarding prices of a brand new x1 or q2. They are top specs cars in q series in Audi and x series in bmw. If these cars become available so cheap in future, it will shut the manufacturing plants of Honda and Toyota in Pakistan even in Japan too. No one will import new Japanese cars, I lived in UK for years and I think German cars are better than Japanese cars in look, drive, specs, road grip, feel, comfort and thrill. But I don’t deny reliability of Japanese cars here. If you want to compare German cars with Toyota cars, you will have to compare bmw, Audi and Mercedes with Toyota’s top specs cars like mark x, mark 2 and Camry. How can you buy a top range x1 for the price of an ordinary Japanese corolla?
    Diverting from main discussion but I will add here that I paid 14 lac for a 2007 Japanese car in Pakistan but I am totally unsatisfied from it. For this price I can keep a top Q7 in UK. Pakistani economy is running on these custom duties, we pay heavy custom duties but our leaders use this money for their own interest and still claim that they did a lot for economy. Actually we are running this economy, but we still have no rights. Only powerful has rights on our taxes.

  31. Dsang says

    What I take away from this article is only 900 units audi sell per year….that’s pathetic….that’s not even a market.

    This is the reason why no premium brand will set up a factory here. Doesn’t make any viable sense to service 900 customers a year…. Just to put into perspective, in the uk in March this year they sold 33,000 brand new a3s alone. Enough said.

  32. Mohammed Aziz says

    I am based in Europe most people commenting on the Audi Q2 know nothing about this vehicle or the Audi / VW 1.0 TSI Turbo engine. This engine is as powerful as most Honda 1.5 or Toyota 1.6 engines but with more torque. Most people makes comments without ever have driven the Audi Q2 and are talking through there backsides ( gaand ) l have driven most VW group vehicles with this engine belive me when l say that this engine will out accelerate nearly all non turbo 1.6 and some 1.8 engines.
    Same engine is the following VW group AUDI A1,A2,A3 , SKODA FABIA, OCTAVIA , SEAT IBIZA , LEON , ATECA , VW POLO , GOLF . SKODA OCTAVIA same class car as the Honda Civic / Toyota Corolla.VW GOLF , SEAT ATECA SUV which is bigger the Honda HVR or VEZEL.

    Most of the people commenting on this forum seem to think that they are more qualified the VW , AUDI SKODA and SEAT who manufacturer and sell the above mentioned vehicles and have spent millions of Euros / USD / POUNDS on research and development on the TSI engine which has won many awards.

    As to Pakwheel commentators / writers they likes to speculate about vehicles about which they have very little knowledge and say sources mention without ever mentionIng the source and they pickout possible prices of vehicles out of thin air.Pakwheel have very little original content and most of content is from other websites . As for SHAH who mentions price of 26 lac with 55% duty makes price of 55 lac it looks like maths is not his strong subject 55% duty is approximately 14 lac add this to his mentioned price of 26 lac then it makes 40 lac. In the U.K. the starting price for base model is 21000 pounds retail, for export this price will be reduced by 20% VAT tax and whatever discount you can negotiate on the retail price.

  33. Mohammed Aziz says

    Price of of 40 Lac qouted by BMW for the BMW X1 is base model 1.5 petrol engine.wether you belive or not is irrelevant. This a Just premium brand stripped out basic model not a top spec.model.likes of which are sold in the U.K.

    The BMW X1 1.5 petrol model is not even sold in the U.K.

  34. Shah says

    Do you have any link or authentic source from bmw who confirms the 1.5 version for 40 lac in Pakistan? I never heard of any 1.5 version, even Google is silent about it. You can try. I was talking about the basic x1 not the m sport or 4wd, they are basic, which else they can cut to make it more basic? As I said bmw will not compromise on build quality. I don’t agree that a Brand new x1 will be for 40 lac in Pakistan.

  35. Sufyan Javed says

    ohhhh THANK YOU!! ONE sane person i’ve seen on this forum to this DATE! The kind of stupidity i see on this forum hurts my brain like physically hurts my brain!

    And the part about them talking from u know where is 100% true man, its a known proverb here in hazara, ‘Kutteyan nu desi kay ni hazam hondha’

    The big three have literally corrupted the mentality of Pakistan’s market, all these morons here criticizing that Audi or any other manufacturer will never make it here, I say they will make it because their research is based on extensive studies, future forecasting based on statistical analysis and because they have a QUALITY product unlike most people here who throw out assumptions out of their ASS..!

  36. Mohammed Aziz says

    Yes you are correct BMW X1 1.5 is not sold in the U.K as there in no market in the U.K for this engine as U.K buyers prefer the 2.0 Turbo diesel engine in the U.K or the 2.0 petrol engine . But the 1.5 engine is available in the European market. If you want to buy the X1 with 1.5 then l think you will be able buy this engine on special order through BMW dealer or through BMW U.K.

    The price of 3.99 million pak rupees has has widely qouted in the media in Pakistan. You can contact Dewan Motors in Pakistan as they are the official BWW distributor’s in Pakistan

  37. Mohammed Aziz says

    Keeping dreaming for 13 lac Audi Q2 price will be in the range between 29 to 32 lac at current exchange and duty rates for the Q2 1.0 turbo engine. AUDI IS PREIMUM BRAND not like toyota or Suzuki or Honda.

    Toyota, Honda and Suzuki have got you by the tataas ( balls ) and offer the pakistani market third rate vehicles design which are obsolete with technology from the late 70’s and 80’s.because these companies know that all pakistani care about is resale value and kilometres per litre. Good example Suzuki Mehran obsolete car with obsolete technology or zero technology zero grade materials and this car is sold by thousands. But just something for you to think about if Allah for bid you are ever are involved in a serious accident you have zero chance of serviving. Person will be dead but Mehran will still have good resale value because thats what the average pakistani car buyer thinks about is the resale value

    These companies know that Pakistani customers do not care about safety features, road handling or quality of materials used in the manufacture of the car.

  38. Sufyan Javed says

    A Q7 for 14 lac in the UK??? wow shah sab are you high?

  39. Sufyan Javed says

    1.0 turbo is specifically targeting the Pak economy! And if you think this engine is under powered u might be pleasantly surprised.. Quoted numbers for hp and torque are often wrong, and there are WAY too many factors involved in terms of accelerations i mean we dont know if those hp, T numbers are at the engine or at the wheels, what drivetrain, even the size of the wheels makes a difference!
    AND again on TOP of all that i mean c’mon its AUDI, the name represents something special and people like to pay for that…

  40. Sufyan Javed says

    The fact that you call yourself an ‘AUTOEXPERT’ is just beyond me…

  41. Sufyan Javed says

    Yep Mohammad Aziz, they do have the whole market by THE BALLLLS, and they dont wanna let go just yet! but i have a feeling the monopoly is going to end just as soon as the people start realizing that there are better products out there and that they have been robbed off of their money by the BIG 3…

    For decades! Look how long the mehran has survived! and frankly we deserve it coz we’re the ultimate morons here, we buy obsolete products, we lick their balls instead of having them lick ours..! i mean look at me ! i OWN a mehran too! but even I being a jackass wont buy a new one coz atleast i KNOW what a piece of shit it is!

  42. Sufyan Javed says


  43. Mohammed Aziz says

    Audi A3 sportback 5 door hatchback comes with same but not in A3 saloon available in pakistan.

  44. Mohammed Aziz says

    Y because pakistani’s are dumb and only thing they are not dumb about is 2 number kaam in which they have all PHD’s because Pakistanis are masters in 2 number kaam.

    Only if they used their ability and minds in the same way that they use to do 2 number kaam then Pakistan would have one of the most advanced countries in the world.

  45. Yaseen says

    They are already booked for April and May 2017 delivery of BMW X1 at Rs. 4m.
    I think you should accept this now. The new auto policy provides incentive to new car manufacturers. Toyota n Honda will have to reduce and make prices competitive now, their prices are exorbitantly high compared to prices in other countries.

  46. waseem says

    Suzuki offers Khatara at 3.7 million,that is the joke of century. For Audi Q2, the launch price is 4.5 million or above it.

  47. jimmy says

    how we are in stone age when in Europe blue collar workers cant even afford a car now a days as their salary goes for rents and due to high car insurances people are going for car sharing and then they say it we doing it for for environment protection.seems most of these expat pakis are doing small jobs or some frauds in England and here they are blabbering like some kings.come on we know the reality how much racist these western societies are and dark guys are treated verse than dogs there.

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