Cyclists demonstrate space taken by cars with one passenger


In an effort to record their protest in a very creative way, a Latvian group of cyclists from Let’s Bike It community did something amazing. They fabricated bamboo frames that look like actual cars, put them around their bicycles and roamed around the streets of Riga in order to highlight the fact that how much space a car takes on the road to transport a single occupant.

The bamboo frame featured both the trunk and the hood of a car, and occupied the same space as a normal sedan on the road would do. The meaningful display emphasizes on the fact that to transport a single person we do not need to waste so much space on the streets. There are better ways to do that such as cycling, bikes, carpooling and public transports.

The demonstration was organized as a part of European Mobility Week, an initiative that explores options for sustainable urban transport systems around Europe.

In Pakistan, we also have the same problem. We have heavily congested roads and too many cars on those roads with single occupants. A similar protest backed by media could help spread awareness about the cause. We already have a cycling community in Karachi known as Critical Mass – Karachi, so we only need the will to take such initiative.

However, brushing and giving sides is quite routine stuff here in traffic and a minimal bumper brush could launch you in a mess, so I recommend a VIP protocol of Vigos around you for this.

Photo credits: Let’s Bike It


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