Daewoo brings 100% maintenance-free batteries in Pakistan


Daewoo Battery – a next-generation battery was launched nationwide in the first week of May. Daewoo Battery is the only manufacturer of lead-acid batteries in Pakistan offering a complete range of 100% maintenance-free batteries for automotive usage and specialized deep cycle batteries for UPS. These specialized batteries are designed to be fully compatible with Pakistani environment and manufactured using most advanced Korean Technology under the direct supervision of Korean experts.

Using an automobile battery for UPS has been a practice for years. But a lot of people don’t realize this practice is damaging their UPS. Therefore, Daewoo offers a separate deep cycle technology battery for UPS and a 100% maintenance-free battery for automobiles. Both batteries have a 1-year free replacement warranty.

Daewoo’s 100% maintenance-free battery for automobiles is designed to make your life comfortable and hassle-free.  The battery is completely sealed, pre-charged and filled with good quality electrolyte by the manufacturer. Hence it is ready to use, and you don’t have to worry about checking and filling electrolyte mixture (battery acid) throughout its lifetime. Apart from this, Daewoo maintenance free battery comes with the highest CCA (cold cranking amperage) that perfectly withstands the cold weather.



Daewoo’s specialized deep cycle technology battery for UPS provides you the longest backup time as well as the longest life due to maximum discharge rate. This specialized deep cycle technology battery is most suitable for UPS/solar systems in homes, offices, and industries. It is also ready to use as it comes pre-charged and filled with good quality electrolyte by the manufacturer. Daewoo’s Deep Cycle batteries are low maintenance, so you don’t have to check battery water frequently.

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