Delayed BMW deliveries by Dewan – Who’s at fault?

The date has come and gone, but there are no signs of your new car, where is it? Booking your favourite car and then waiting until it gets to you can be a rollercoaster ride mixed with excitement and anxiety, but when it gets overdue, it can be very frustrating for people.

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This issue of delayed cars delivery is on the rise in Pakistan. However, the minimum car delivery time is within 3-6 months, depending on the production of the car, but even when it’s long-overdue, all you hear from dealerships is ‘just a couple of weeks more.’

Recently, has covered a story of Mr. Usman Ashraf from MDS Foods Pvt Ltd. regarding his latest experience with Dewan Group. Mr. Usman has booked a 5 Series BMW through Dewan group, and albeit making the full payment of Rs. 13,729,786 inclusive of duty by May 2017, he hasn’t received the car to date.

bmw 530e (1)bmw 530e (2)

According to the details provided by Mr. Usman, the reason that Dewan officials gave him was that there was a software hack issue in BMW Germany, which is why they didn’t release any Payment Order. Another reason that they gave is the increased regulatory duty, which got increased later in October 2017 and the car was due in between July-August 2017.

We spoke to one of the officials in Dewan, Mr. Umar Afzal, and he said that according to the agreement signed in March 2017, Mr. Usman had to pay 40% initially and then the remaining 60% after the delivery. But, the first payment made by Mr. Usman was in June 2017, after which we proceeded further with the booking. He further added that no bookings are processed until the consumer pays the 50% of the amount in advance, and once the payment is made, it takes about 3-6 months for the car to reach Pakistan from Germany. And Mr. Usman had his car customized, which according to Dewan, usually takes 6 months in production.

The car, however, had arrived in December 2017, but then the conflict was the increased RD. According to Mr. Usman, he wouldn’t have to pay the increased RD, if the car had reached within the stipulated time.

However, both the parties haven’t come to any terms yet. But, conclusively, this delayed delivery scenario should be worked on now, as this was the second time Mr. Usman faced the delay in receiving his car.

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