DFSK raises the price of Glory 580T SUV

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DFSK has increased the price of its SUV Glory 580T and the new rate now stands at PKR 3,750,000 (ex-factory). 

Note here that the new price of the SUV will be implemented from November 15, 2019. The rate has been jacked up by PKR 100,000 from PKR 3,650,000. See the circular below:

All of the orders that have been placed previously will be charged at PKR 3,650,000. Purchase orders of banks received before November 20, 2019, will be priced at PKR 3,650,000. This price does not include transportation and transit insurance costs that have to be paid by the customer above the retail price.

DFSK has also asserted that any change in price due to changes in fiscal policies, import policies, tariff structures, government levies, and the exchange rates will be borne by the customer. Moreover, these prices are provisional, and dealer commissions have remained unchanged. 

DFSK made a debut in the SUV market by launching a front-wheel-drive Glory 580T SUV. This SUV has a 1.5L engine with a CVT gearbox and has been offered in only one variant.

The Glory 580T is a capable vehicle that provides ample interior space and stylish exterior design. It comes with LED headlights and fog lamps that not only increase night visibility but also improves the aesthetics. In the interior, the Glory 580T comes with many black trim pieces. It also comes with a score of features like push-button start, 12V power outlet, power steering, power windows, power mirrors, dual-zone air conditioning, tire pressure monitoring system, immobilizer, child lock, and GPS navigation. It is a 7-seater vehicle and can be used to transport passengers and/or cargo. 

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  1. Kashif Akbar says

    transit insurance is also charged in additional to the freight paid. amazing skills of these organizations to devise more and more ways to suck blood. you are paying insurance for that journey of the car that is before hand over to you. why not bill the customer separate then price for the shipping cost of parts that move from china and arrive in Pakistan plus the custom duties to get them cleared …………………………………..

  2. Khizer says

    If you do the conversion from PKR to USD (3,750,000 PKR), it’s around $24,115.76 (at least for today’s conversion) – not a bad price. For western buyers that is. For Pakistanis that’s another story since GDP per capita has barely increased.

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