Research Found Economic & Climate Benefits of Electric Vehicle

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Fortunately, the ecosystem we have is messed up. Why should we listen anymore to conservative politicians and the people who are always trying to make us believe in their fairy tale conspiracy theories? Climate change is a fact backed up through proper science. That’s why the scientists who do science could only bring the right direction for a secure future.

A very recent research study conducted by Tsinghua University, in collaboration with Ford Motors, Cornell University, and Harvard University, found incredible economic and climate benefits of electric vehicles in China, the US, and Germany. Research Study suggested that despite the many differences in fuel prices and driving factors across the regions, the benefits and challenges of the electric vehicle remain similar, with an up to 63% reduction in GHG emissions for EVs, while a lower battery cost (below $100/kWh) is essential for mass adoption.

This research study says, Mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is widely viewed as essential to address climate change and requires a compelling case for ownership worldwide. While the manufacturing costs and technical capabilities of EVs are similar across regions, customer needs and economic contexts vary widely. Assessments of the all-electric-range required to cover day-to-day driving demand, and the climate and economic benefits of EVs, need to account for differences in regional characteristics and individual travel patterns.

To meet this need travel profiles for 1681 light-duty passenger vehicles in China, the U.S., and Germany were used to make the first consistent multiregional comparison of customer and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission benefits of EVs. Study shows that despite differences in fuel prices, driving patterns, and subsidies, the economic benefits/challenges of EVs are generally similar across regions. Individuals who are economically most likely to adopt EVs have GHG benefits that are substantially greater than for average drivers. Such “priority” EV customers have large (32%–63%) reductions in cradle-to-grave GHG emissions. It is shown that low battery costs (below approximately $100/kWh) and a portfolio of EV offerings are required for mass adoption of electric vehicles.

This research study gives us a clear picture of a world where technology and science are leading the nations. These are 100% logical economic and climate benefits of electric vehicles. But in Pakistan, we have different scenarios local carmakers are opposing a recent government-approved EV policy. Adoption of EV is essential for Pakistan, too, because every average passenger car emits around 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. We must only drive our car don’t drive this planet towards global warming and the death of our earth.

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