United Bravo 2019 New Colors & Improved Features: All you need to know

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Launching of an 800cc budget hatchback to rival the legendary Mehran was a bold move by the United brand. The said hatchback was Bravo, and it faced some quality issues in the beginning. This article will focus on how these issues have been addressed and what are some of the new features and colors available in the United Bravo.

Some of the prominent new features include colored door handles, matching side view mirrors, enriched seat fabrics, and a spare wheel. There is now a total of six new colors available in the new and improved United Bravo. These colors include maroon metallic, beige metallic, royal blue, grey metallic, silver metallic, and white. The new price of the United Bravo stands at PKR 985,000.

The introduction of new features and the addressing of issues in the United Bravo were done by carefully looking into the feedback the company got from the first owners. This segment of the market has started to become very competitive, and automakers must address the grievances of the customers to remain competitive and improve sales figures.

The introduction of a spare wheel is essential to a car running on the roads of Pakistan. People also deter from purchasing a car that does not come with a spare wheel. This also differentiates Bravo from Alto as the later does not have a spare wheel and instead comes with a tire repair kit.

The improved fabric and cushioning of the seats are also important for a smooth and comfortable drive both inside and outside the city. This will positively affect those people who travel for long journeys. Colored side-view mirrors and door handles give a graceful and elegant look to the vehicle. There are plastic claddings in the doors to make them sturdier and more resilient. The reason these improvements have been made is that United has now found and is working with a lot of local vendors. These local vendors provide parts at cheaper rates, and there is less of a time lag. United will also save a lot of money in localizing the entire manufacturing and assembling process.

There was an issue of vibration in the United Bravo, and the representatives of United say that the customers must visit the showroom to check that the vibration issue has been adequately addressed. The initial acceleration and fuel efficiency of the car have also been claimed to be improved.

Moreover, an engine shield and a charcoal cannister have been added to meet the demand of the customers. Sound insulation is now improved and will provide a much quieter and smoother ride. Launching of an automatic variant of Bravo is also under consideration. Spare parts of United Bravo are now readily available at United’s 3S showrooms.

The seating posture of the rear seats has also been improved with better headroom and more recline in the seats. The dealership network of United Motors is expanding rapidly, and the outreach is improving. 

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  1. Muhammad Najmi says

    I hope they included the Airbag in 2020, but the price still reasonable . Good Luck United !!

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