Driving license likely to be a prerequisite for buying motorcycles

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Sindh Police Department has launched an initiative to curb traffic violations like overspeeding and accidents in the province. There are several cases in which people involved in traffic are underage drivers. People will only be able to buy a new motorcycle in the Sindh province when they possess at least a driving license. This will also encourage people to get a driving license and learn to drive before they take their motorcycles on the road. Furthermore, this will also ensure proper documentation of everyone driving a motorcycle on the road.

The recommendation to make driving license mandatory was brought up recently in a meeting chaired by the Sindh Police IG, Syed Kaleem Imam. The meeting concerned issues like security flaws and preventing motorcycle theft. Representatives of motorcycle manufacturing companies and CIA were also present at the meeting.

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The IG of Sindh Police also directed authorities to ensure that motorcyclists must wear a helmet and carry driving license and registration book.

These endeavors will help in curbing motorbike thefts and robberies committed using bikes.

Moreover, street crimes are mostly committed using motorbikes that are either not registered or stolen. A crackdown concerning controlling illegal trading of spare parts of motorcycles was also under review in the meeting. A letter containing provisions to make hook locks mandatory for the bike manufacturers will also be forwarded to the PSQCA overseeing quality standards in the sector.

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  1. Guest says

    Illogical idea.
    This has been put forth many times in the preceding years before and covered in PW blogs with the same comments.

    Suppose blind person/senior citizen/handicapped person has the money, wants to buy a car/bike for personal convenience and will hire a driver to drive it. Now the driver needs the license or the owner?

    Non-human entities like companies & banks, leasing companies also buy cars/bikes. How is traffic police going to test the driving progress of Orix Leasing or EFU Insurance for instance?

  2. Shiraz Maqbool says


    Also, in most cases parents will leave their motorcycle keys where kids can find them and take the motorcycles out for a joyride. Some even entrust their underage child to use a motorcycle for commute to the kids’ school as well as taking their family out in case papa is unavailable to oblige.

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