Suzuki Alto 660cc: Pics, Specs & Price Revealed

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The wait is finally over as Pak Suzuki has launched the much-anticipated all-new Suzuki Alto 660 cc 8th generation in Pakistan at the Pak China Friendship center, Islamabad.

Pak Suzuki has already called it the biggest reveal of the year. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of expectations from the first ever 660 cc car made in Pakistan. As a replacement of the company’s iconic Mehran, Alto has big shoes to fill in the local industry. For almost 30 years, the customers have been relying on the only choice in this particular segment. However, the time has changed now as the options are widening up for the potential buyers in each segment.

The company has introduced the car in three different variants:

  • Suzuki Alto VX (without AC)
  • Suzuki Alto VXR (with AC)
  • Suzuki Alto VXL AGS (with AC & auto gear shift)

The first two variants are mated with a manual transmission whereas the VXL AGS is the automatic version of the hatchback. The car comes with R06A engine that churns out 39hp. First produced back in 2011 and initially used in Suzuki MR-Wagon, the R engine from Suzuki is an inline-three engine which succeeds the older K6A engine seen in cars like Suzuki Wagon-R (Non-Japanese).


VX: Rs.999,000/-

VXR: Rs.1,101,000/-

VXL: Rs.1,295,000/-

These are INCLUSIVE of FED.

Stay tuned to to get yourself updated regarding Suzuki Alto 660cc.

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  1. Sami says

    13 lakh for Suzuki alto?. I will prefer to buy the second hand City for that price.

  2. Xtreme says

    The car comes with R06A engine that churns out 54hp

    54hp??? Are you sure! Its close to 39hp not 54hp. Check the spec sheet as it says 29kW/6500 rpm.

  3. Ali says

    Price wise this car is fail…..too high price

  4. Azhar Iqbal says

    Prise wise, it seems to fail like Ciaz. Lets see.

  5. Waqqas Khan says

    I am disappointed to hear that there’s no space for a spare Tyre in this newly released vehicle. Though they have kept a packing of thermopore to house jack, rod and repair kit but still in Pakistani road conditions it is a must to have a spare Tyre.

  6. Xtreme says

    Now i wonder why there is a power output difference in JDM Alto vs PKDM if both have same engine? How come PKDM engine is producing 29kW vs 39-40kW of JDM? Is there a printing error in Pak Suzuki spec sheet or have they detuned the local engine?

  7. Danish_Anwer says

    A big flop. No one in the right mind would buy this overpriced ugly gadha gari – 660cc ;p

  8. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    Another overpriced teen dabba :/

  9. abdullah says

    ALTO VXL…..Same price JDM Alto Turbo (driven 14000/ 20000 kms with better build quality) has added following features in Addition to the VXL features:-

    Push Start
    Auto braking Radar / Proximity Sensors
    Turbo Engine
    Heated Seats
    Eco Idle
    Height Adjustable driver seats
    Fog Lamps
    Digital Climate Control
    15 in Alloy Rims

    better buy a JDM Alto Turbo

  10. Billal says

    Another shot by suzuki

  11. Asim says

    We have to introduce new auto mobile companies to stop the monopoly of big three ( toyota, Honda , suzuki) in pakistan.

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