Dubai police to get a Ferrari hypercar as well

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Last week Dubai police tweeted that they had acquired a Lamborghini Aventador for their fleet of cop cars and now, Dubai police will also get a Ferrari cop car, most likely the new LaFerrari; Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, said on Monday that Dubai is a special place that deserves such a car.

The yet unspecified Ferrari model is expected to cost somewhere around 2 million Emirati Dirham, or €417,000 ($544,000). We have not been able to find any photos of the car yet, but since the 599 GTB is one of the most popular supercar in the Emirates, the new patrol vehicle is probably the F12 Berlinetta.

However, the LaFerrari was spotted testing on the streets of Dubai so some are anticipating that the LaFerrari will find a home in the fleet of exotic Dubai police cars.


Police Chief Lt Gen Dahi said Dubai is a magnificent and extravagant place. People’s reactions to the Aventador have been overwhelmingly positive, which encouraged them to get another supercar.

“Dubai Police are working on updating the police patrol cars to enhance security on the roads in accordance with highest international standards and technical developments,” said Lt Gen Dahi.

LaFerrari 3 LaFerrari 2

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  1. Jahanzeb Khan says

    No, they aren't getting a limited edition and a really expensive hyper car as a cop car. This is totally fake , I would see no point in adding a 1 of 500 hyper-car to a police fleet and besides those pictures of the La Ferrari are just test from Ferrari itself in Dubai and not by the Dubai police , also it doesn't cost $544,000 its much more than that , it costs around 1 million euros ($1.3 million).
    However it is possible that a Ferrari 599 GTB or F12 Berlinetta maybe the next addition to their fleet.

  2. Abu Turab says

    Bro, they have already added Chevorlet CAMARO and Lanbogihini AVENTADOR!!

  3. Jahanzeb Khan says

    @Nasir karimi the Chevy Camaro's and the Aventador's price put together don't equal even half of that of the La Ferrari also the La Ferrari is a limited edition hyper car , the Camaro and the Aventador are nothing compared to the La
    Ferrari. There's absolutely no point in adding a hyper car to a police fleet, you can just really crank any good police car to catch fleeing thugs instead of buying a master piece to do the exact same job.

  4. Jahanzeb Khan says

    Muhammad Waleed Mirza han >.>

  5. Fahad Hasan says

    It's a Ferrari FF which they're adding to their fleet.

  6. Jahanzeb Khan says

    Not just the FF but a 599 GTB or F12 Berlinetta too .

  7. Shahab Nasir says

    even if they wanted to add a La ferrari to their police car fleet, ferrari simply would never allow it. It is that exclusive!

  8. Hashim Javed says


  9. Assad Hasanain says

    Jhoot mut bolo

  10. Shahab Nasir says

    haha stalkers!

  11. Bilal Javed says

    Dubai police is very exclusive itself

  12. Shahab Nasir says

    Just not exclusive enough to get a "La Ferrari", unlike the cheaper available ferrari's like a 458 italia or the f12. It will just defame the limited run series. only 399 will be built in 10 years.

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