Duty-free import of one hybrid car proposed for the Overseas Pakistanis

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For the sake of recognizing the efforts of Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) and further facilitation in the future, the Policy Planning Unit of the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (MOPHRD) has put up a proposal of allowing duty-free import of one hybrid car up to 3000 cc engine capacity for Overseas Pakistanis.

According to the details, the ministry is mandated to redress the problems faced by Overseas Pakistanis and formulate welfare policies for them. The Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit has also directed the ministry to devise a Manual of Privileges for the Overseas Pakistanis. The official notification of this proposal is attached below for complete details.

Condition for Duty-free import of hybrid car:

The notification proposes the allowance of importing one duty-free hybrid car up to 3000 cc engine capacity to Foreign Exchange Remittance Card (FERC) holders, who remit US$ 100,000 over a period of two years. However, the Commerce division has also suggested sending the same proposal to other concerned ministries and authorities, including the Ministry of Industries and Production and Engineering Development Board (EDB) for the sake of obtaining their views on it.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis has requested to obtain views/comments on this proposal as early as possible so that it can easily prepare the Manual of Privileges within the specified period indicated by the PM’s Office. Note here that the notification indicates that the proposal is a time-limited case, and the final decision will be taken immediately.

The import of cars is currently only allowed for Overseas Pakistanis under three conditions: baggage, gift scheme, and transfer of residence. Under these conditions, all the taxes and duties on a particular imported vehicle will be paid through foreign remittances originating from the account of Overseas Pakistani. Now the government wants to facilitate the Overseas Pakistanis having Foreign Exchange Remittance Card (FERC) by allowing them to import one duty-free hybrid car up to 3000 cc engine capacity. It’s a good initiative that will recognize the efforts of Overseas Pakistanis in contributing to the welfare of the country. However, let’s wait and see what will be the final decision of the government in this regard.

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  1. Ishaq Dollar says

    Great! Those who ran abroad looking for greener pastures instead of serving and benefiting their own country through their direct work being facilitated while those who stayed in Pakistan, worked and toiled much harder to survive the daily gruel are being over-taxed and not being given any relaxation.

    Misplaced priorities by the government, at best.

  2. Azaad Khaan says

    This is a joke – those who could send 100 thousand dollars in two years don’t worry about paying customs anyway – it is in no way incentive to anyone !!! In any case Supreme Court is going to void this offer halfway! LOL

  3. Naseem Haider says

    3000 cc kis ko benefit karay gi janab. Ofcourse ameer tabqay ko. Its not there to give incentive to ghareeb tabqa.

  4. Swen says

    But also, this is only for those people who send remittances to Pakistan so we can pay the debt which wasn’t borrowed for these people but for people living in Pakistan so I don’t think it’s unfair, they should be given incentives.

  5. Swen says

    I do believe that those bringing foreign money to Pakistan do need to be recognized but policies are often misused heavily in our country, implementation should be done in more complete way. So few suggestions:

    This has been kind of a back-door channel for car dealers so really not facilitating to the remitter rather abusing it. The policy should dictate that the facility is only for the benefit of the rightful person’s own use so in order to enforce it, there should be a minimum retention period so no resale for 2 years.

    3000 cc for someone who is bringing just $100,000 in 2 years? That’s just a huge entitlement. It’s probably better suited for someone who is bringing in at least double the amount. I think engine capacity entitlement should be tied to the amount of remittance bracket. Less allowance for low remittance and higher for high.

  6. Sahil Ali Khan says

    Got a call that 100,000 will be added in your account if you allowed 1 hybrid car under buggage scheme using your name ID…its definately a backdoor for car dealers dealing in imported cars.

  7. Bilal Ikram says

    Well at least they have thought for overseas people, who has no benefits being in Pakistan, secondly if this will be applied on real terms without giving the advantage to specific group of people, thirdly the main important source its should not be transferred upto 5 years or even stamp paper ownership should be banned, then I can see that this will be applied and beneficial to real people.

  8. Umar Siddique says

    I transfrerred over 100000 USD in 2016. Will this be applicable?

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