DYK: Your Car’s Tyres Define Your Driving Habits

A tyre can tell a lot about a driver. Premature tyre wear indicates that the driver either speeds a lot or is hard on cornering and braking. The tyres of an aggressively handled vehicle usually have rounded shoulders (The tire shoulder is the portion between the tread centre and the tire sidewall).


Rounded shoulders of a tyre can affect suspension of the car and affect the ride experience.  Another sign of aggressive driving is flat spots on the tyres. Flat spots are usually caused by skidding, heavy braking and hard acceleration.

Tyre wornout from one side

Tyre wornout from one side


If a driver goes over potholes and bumps in speed, the tyres crack or begin to bulge. This damage is visible to the eye and can be found inside the tyre. If you notice a bulge or crack on the tyre, it is best to get the tyre changed.

Tyre Bulging

Tyre Bulging

In order to increase the life of your tyres, always get the alignment checked after every 5000 km of use. It is recommended to get the tyres rotated after every 10,000 km of driving.  Also, check the door panel or fuel lid for instructions on the right tyre pressure of your car.

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