EBD Fails to Report on Deals Between Japanese and Big-3

EDB Fails to present a report

A couple of months ago the Engineering Development Board (EDB) had probed into the matter of price hike, which was opted by both Pak-Suzuki Motors and Toyota Indus Motors. Apparently, it seems that EDB has failed to provide the details on the agreement between big-3 and their Japanese principals to the Senate; and National Assembly’s standing committee on Industries and Production after quite a few months.

According to Business Recorder, the Chairman of the EDB was urged to approach the three local manufacturers to share their agreements with the Japanese Principals and submit the report again. It should be noted that Honda Atlas Cars was the only local manufacturer to submit a report to EDB. However, Toyota Indus Motors had stated that they had to get the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) consent to submit a report. Moreover, a response form Pak Suzuki Motor Co. is still awaited to the EDB’s letter No. EDB-Auto/ Policy dated 25th and 26th August, 2016.

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Business Recorder further reports, that EDB had revealed to the committee that the decisions have been communicated to the industry with request to ensure compliance. Furthermore, the local auto-manufacturers have been directed to ensure the delivery within two months. Moreover, EDB also revealed that Honda Atlas Cars was operating on a single shift but due to the recent launch of the new Honda Civic, the company had to start a second shift to accommodate the increasing number of orders. Once again EDB has replied in negative regarding the response on these factors from both Pak Suzuki and Toyota Indus Motors.

It should be noted that the committee has expressed its decision to visit the firms, to ascertain the production capacity and vehicle build quality.

  • Paksuzukis_oboslete_cars

    EBD should also think about the customers and prioritize our country. I feel Japanese assemblers are being unfairly facilitated at the cost of customers.

    Even today, look at Paksuzuki, dumping obsolete old Mehran, Bolan, Ravi, cutlus and swift —- all these cars are globally retired obsolete models only being sold in Pakistan.

    Pakistan is not a dumping ground for obsolete models!

  • Kk

    It probably is..