Scania Makes the World’s Biggest Clock with Trucks

Scania takes the lead

The campaign which was initiated by Volvo a while back, has started a competition among truck manufacturing companies, which has no decisive winner. It all started with the Volvo’s ‘Epic Split‘, which involved the one and only Jean-Claude Van Damme. Prior to this, Volvo had been setting records and doing stunts, just to showcase its truck division and their capabilities.

Now though, things are changing for better in this industry. Not only do these stunts hold a very high level of interest but they also manage to showcase the company’s products. In the world of truck manufacturing, Mercedes is most famous for working on futuristic trucks. The Volvo’s fellow national company ‘Scania’ seems to have taken up the challenge and has managed to up the ante.

Scania decided to show that its vehicles can provide a new level of dependability, which is quite crucial in any business involved in heavy haulage. So the end result was 14 trucks, 90 drivers, two weeks of planning, an airport and constant driving for 24 hours to simulate an analogue clock.

In any stunt, Showmanship is the most necessary element, because without it the stunt lacks any entertainment value. And as you would have guessed by now, Scania wanted to mimic a real clock and thus using their trucks they decided to make world’s Biggest Clock.

The best piece about all of this stunt was the perfect synchronization among all the drivers and trucks. The stunt was live on Facebook for 24 hours and Scania managed to successfully pull off this stunt. When viewed from above, Scania trucks created a timepiece.

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