Edhi Just Got Russian UAZ-452 Ambulances

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Edhi Foundation, notable for its services for humanity, has received a new batch of Ambulances straight from the 1960s. It’s called UAZ-452, and is an ambulance said to reach the most remotest of areas where no other ambulance would reach with a good capacity for patients.

There are many names given to this 4×4 Van in Russia, the normal van version is referred to as “Bread loaf” or “Bukhanka” in Russian language of course due to its similarity with a piece of bread loaf. And then the Ambulance version is also known as “Pill” or “Tablekta”.

We have absolutely zero idea about how and where Edhi got these from but this van, although from the ancient Soviet history of Russia, however in March 2011, some pretty exciting stuff was added as standard to these vans: ABS brakes, power steering, seat belts and Euro-4 engine. Which makes the Bolan look ancient now.

There are two types of Ambulance version of the UAZ-452 available. The UAZ-452AS is the ambulance for Arctic areas while the UAZ-452A (A probably for ambulance) is called the Pill or tablet and it can house about 4 stretchers or 6 on the benches while one nurse however, the wikipedia entry stated that the nurse was not comfortable as the suspension was of the standard model, though this was the only ambulance which could reach the most remote areas.

The other version is UAZ-3962 which can load up to 9 people, because this ambulance is based on the cargo version of the UAZ-FOUR-FIVE-TWO.

Let’s wish them well and hope they save more lives with these new ambulances however, they seem to have gone backwards in to the Soviet era and just brought in carriages to the hospital instead of proper EMT equipment because first aid given on the spot to the victim, is most vital in saving the life of any and Edhi ambulances are mere transporters. They need to introduce better EMT equipment, training and paramedical personnel instead of adding more of these “Bread Loaves”.

To summarize: Instead of proper EMT Equipment and personnel, these Ambulances have 4H, 4L and Hub-locks.

Photos courtesy of Khawaja Abdullah Khalid, Moin Abbasi, and Murtaza Ibrahim Fus.

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  1. NICKFURY says

    But they’re left handed, isn’t that gonna be a problem?

  2. Abdul Aleem says

    It looks joke…..I think they wasted money on shipping etc.

  3. Nabeel Farooqui says

    Forget the looks. If along with more capacity these had better equipment, they’d be perfect.

  4. syed says

    I think that must be gifted by any Russian man. Edhi organization is not idiot to waste money on these antique pieces. Edhi is a welfare trust anyone can donate/gift them to help needy peoples.

  5. tacdoc says

    EDHI is not only limited to karachi or other cities, i bet most of us have not seen the rugged rural areas of Pakistan where there is no concept of roads they will serve well in those area.

  6. Osama says

    what a fucked up article.

    it’s the government’s job to ensure the availability of proper rescue equipment, not edhi’s.

    what edhi has been doing is filling the gap (left by the government(S)) as much as they could.. for years!!

    so what you need to do is wake up and appreciate edhi instead of mocking their services.

  7. Mobiiii says

    W.T.F? Is this 70’s? First pic literally looks like 60’s or 70’s. We came really long way to get this sh**it in 2015.
    A lot of patients going to be dead in this. What’s the max it can go? 20KM? It’s a damn joke

    An ambulance is supposed to be quick and fast with proper equipment. Who the f***k need room for 9 people in an ambulance? It’s not picnic or vacations van that we need room for.
    Picking up dead bodies is the only good it is for. May be that’s what edhi thought about it. 9 Dead bodies may be more at once is a good deal then.

  8. Baber says

    There are others as well who are giving similar services.

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