England cricketer, Andrew Flintoff avoids speeding ban because he has to drive fish and chips truck

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Andrew Flintoff is a world famous cricketer from England who has fans around the world including Pakistan. We remember him for a big hitter and the batsman who tapped his bat on his foot rather the pitch.

Flintoff is a millionaire player though, we have no interest in his wealth rather the ingenious way his lawyer got him out of his latest speeding ticket because of which, he could’ve faced a six-month suspension from driving. It is a classic case of how Money Makes Things Go Away!

Flintoff was driving in his Bentley Continental GT at 87 MPH in the UK when the police caught him doing 17 MPH over the limit, while it is really easy to slip pass the speed limit in the Bentley, but this was Flintoff’s third infraction of speeding offenses. He already had 9 points on his license due to his previous two tickets and adding another three points to nine meant an automatic six-month suspension from driving in England.

But Flintoff had a cunning lawyer at his side to save him from this mess, unlike Umar Akmal who started cursing and beating the traffic policeman doing his job, Andrew’s lawyer, Micahel Neofytou said that Flintoff would have to endure “exceptional hardship” if he wasn’t able to drive  because Flintoff and his wife runs a charity and is active in such philanthropic work, other than that, he has to appear on television and also drive his three kinds to school and other places.

His lawyer also said that the ex-England cricketer would have also missed a recording of a television show which involved him driving a ‘fish and chips’ food truck which was powered by vehicle’s cooking fat, on a road trip.

Noting his work and the need for the children’s privacy, chair of the bench David Johnson said, “Because of your position, the fact that you are well known, clearly the impact has to be on others, more than you yourself.” He was fined a total of 445 pounds ($739 US), which a millionaire like him would have no problem in paying.

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