The evolution of Pakistani Corolla in one single infographic

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Infographics are cool, they are an interactive image giving information about everything in one single page with immediate facts and figures. We thought that the new Corolla, perhaps the best selling car in Pakistan is around the corner, so we created an infographic detailing the evolution of Corolla in Pakistan.

There has been only four models or generations (excluding facelifts) of Corolla launched in Pakistan. The new one has already been launched into the foriegn markets and ours is just around the corner as Indus Motors works relentlessly to strip it off all the features and safety equipment and introduce it to Pakistan.

While we have already got the details about the new Corolla Altis, let’s see what features comes in Corolla’s lower range.

Click on the image to view it in Hi-Res.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Bullshit…article…do u have a sense to write an article??? What does that mean…..all the feature….hahahha……………and giving up a reference of another article in which your writing was no more than a BIG SHAME!

  2. Bilal Ahmad says

    Maybe you are confusing features with technical specifications 🙂

  3. Anonymous says

    Totally confused article .. Mixing of technical and specification aspects .. A big shame

  4. Ali Xaman says

    Well Corolla XLI-GLI 2009 onwards are not delivering quality cars any more. The thing that we all miss during the discussions is SAFETY that should come first. HONDA, TOYOTA, SUZUKI they are doing business with monopoly working as a market MAFIA. I personally like to buy a imported car instead of such bullshits.

  5. Bilal Jawad says

    i doubt on the unit produced bhttt ziada hogay these are fake production figure

  6. Syed Salman Haider says

    So critical without even seeing the new Corolla on Pakistani roads…… doubt its expensive but atleast let it come on road……..criticizing has become our habit!!!

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