EXCLUSIVE – KIA Sorento Coming in These Variants!

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As Pakistan’s auto market is thriving with launches of new cars and new companies’ entrance, there are reports of launch of another vehicle. As per our sources, KIA Lucky Motors is all set to launch KIA Sorento in Pakistan. Our sources have confirmed that the vehicle is coming to the local market in three variants, yes you read that right, the mid-size crossover SUV would be available in three variants, and here they are:

  • 2.4L Front Wheel Drive (FWD)
  • 2.4L All Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • 3.5L Front Wheel Drive (FWD)

If the above information is accurate, it is not hard to understand that KIA is preparing to capture this segment’s market.

The 2.4L/ G4KE Theta II MPi is an inline 4 engine. This engine is similar and related to the 2L engine currently offered in Sportage but with higher displacement and slight differences. This engine is rated somewhere around 169HP@5800 and has torque figures of 220NM @4000.

Meanwhile, the 3.5L / G6DC Lambda II MPi, is a V6 engine. This engine makes around 276HP and 336NM of torque. This is the similar engine as now also offered in the recently released KIA Grand Carnival.

Expected Generation: 

There had been a lot of discussion about the generation of Sorento we will be getting here in Pakistan because last year KIA globally introduced an all-new 4th generation Sorento. Everyone in Pakistan really wanted that to happen. However, the sources have said we are not getting the 4th generation and will rely on the 3rd generation.

Expected Launch of KIA Sorento: 

As per our sources, the company will launch the car sometime during next week, so the launch is not that far. Be ready for an exciting ride.

What Could be the Price?

There are no confirmed reports on the price; however, sources have said that it could be Rs7million and Rs9million.

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