Exclusive Pictures: 2014 Corolla spied at Indus Motors’ factory event

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They won’t let us take pictures of the new Corolla that Pakistanis are going to get in mid-July but PakWheelers are everywhere which was made evident when we told and showed you the pics of the new Corolla an year ago. (So don’t you dare doubt our sources) You can’t hide from them, you can only run so far so much to meet the next informant. Even though we have seen this Corolla, in better form and specs, yet we were quite excited to see how and what Indus Motors have stripped off the new Corolla to create the next poor-king of Pakistan, “The White Xli” or “Eskal-eye” as it is known.

These particular images were sent by an anonymous tip who said that this was a factory event. Full stop. And then he just sent the photos. No other details were shared but we are pretty sure it was a dealer event, to show and get them to know the new car.

Details are scarce, but we know that the Xli would be 1.5 million rupees plus (estimated) variant with no abs, airbags, even power-windows or anything that comes as standard in 21st century cars. The cheapest and most sold color would be white, and high-beam would be normal beam. And if you’d like to spend an extra lac or two (estimated minimum), you could have power windows and save yourself the misery of juggling to wind your windows up and down, and leaning all the way across while driving to get the other window down for some cross-ventilation, but that luxury will come at a price and it will be called ‘Gli’.

And if you’d like to spend in excess of two million rupees (estimated), then you just might be able to afford the pinnacle of Corollas in Pakistan, the wondrous Corolla Altis which is the silver one in the pictures below.

Anyways, feast your eyes at the all-new 2014 Corolla.

IMG-20140522-WA0013-2 IMG-20140522-WA0014-2 IMG-20140522-WA0016-2 IMG-20140522-WA0017-2 IMG-20140522-WA0015-2


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  1. Arif Khan Mahsud says

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  2. Haseeb Sohail says

    The pictures show the built quality is really below parr. and is absolute floppy plastic and wobbly. the chrome panel of the navigation screen looks really really ugly. if this car does not come with immobilizer. it will be a real shame once again for corollas, and once again i will stay away from it cuz have experienced losing corolla to thieves twice in last 2 years.

  3. Naeem Abbas says


  4. Raqib Shahzad Chaudhary says


  5. Raqib Shahzad Chaudhary says


  6. Aamir Ali Jaan says

    nice car

  7. Agha Mohsin says

    Same old boring colors, but Interior is looks good !

  8. Sk Ali says

    in pakistan people get crap car for high price instead of getting same cars toyota sell in uk and us.
    people should get climate control.cruise control,alloy wheel,good stereo, electric windows, abs brake, in 2 million. i ll rather buy Japanese or london model instead of pakistan model.

  9. Sk Ali says

    #haseeb stay away from toyota in Pakistan if u want to enjoy driving. toyota making people fool in pakistan

  10. Muhammad Saud Khan says

    This is not fault of toyota. Its our fault. If people accept s car which cost less to a company they will never improve as their less cost cars r selling gud. Have u n any one of u ask a single question to sale person at new car showroom that y i pay u that much money for such cheap quality ? No one have guts to ask. V r infact already sold out customers as v already got pay order in favour of company. Wake up people for God sake

  11. Muhammad Hamza says

    Exterior is good but DASHBOARD is like old 70s model….

  12. Imran Ashraf Malik says

    whatever ppl say, we have to admit that Toyota corolla is used alot in Pakistan and very strong market. even they offer only one color and one model !

  13. Sanaan Zia says

    hate them for having different ac knobs then the ones in models which were released abroad

  14. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    Seriously,no climate control in an ALTis ah man what are they doing,spoiling the name of corolla.I saw an Altis in Malaysia and it was AWESOME WITH ADJUSTABLE SUSPENSION WITH THE SAME PRICE AND A TURBO AS EXTRA.How can Toyota allow this ……………….. -_-

  15. Mercedes Islamabad says


  16. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    and to be honest i dont know why ppl accept this.The company says give them junk and ppl say yes give us junk ……….. i would rather get the new Axio Luxel Edition and a great one for 2 million RS

  17. Ammar Mehmood says

    seems they have given the leather steering for the altis altleast, they should have given the auto aircon too, but the pics dont show it, the steering picture shows key, which is sad, cuz the gli here in saudi comes with push start button and keyless entry, seems the altis here is a stripped version of the saudi GLI. but anyways its a decent car, the 4 speed auto sucks though, i wonder if they give they CVT here, that would be awesome

  18. Ali Khan Durrani says

    Worthless without immobiliser

  19. Rashid Shafique says

    Sk Ali thats partially true, even Honda's doing it, we have citi the latest available and civic 2008 both of them have suspension that feels like your riding a tubless, solid rubber tire or a wooden plank! Corolla 2013 is fairly better in this regard (only). The citi is even worse than that, doors feel like they dont have springs in them.

    Corollas seats albeit softer than citi or civic they'll literally hurt your back and has shitty ergonomics, try buckling a seat belt in civic and do the same in corolla you'll feel the difference.

    All the local cars reaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy need to improve on their build quality. I thought Pakistani labor is cheaper and even some materials, But I still cant understand why cant make a better or rather equal quality as do japanese or other international manufacturers, we pay the same ****ing dollars

  20. Rashid Shafique says

    yahi soch k toyota pakistan ko sharam khani chahiye aur quality improve karni chahiye!

  21. Imran Ashraf Malik says

    Pakistan mai practice hi yehi hai, jab koi cheez chal jae to mehngi ker do or quality gandi ker do

  22. Hussain Abid Jafri says

    whoever sayin that manufacturers are giving Junk coz ppl are buyin it shud answer this, What other option masses have, start building cars on their own or use horses ??? PakSuzuki WAGON-R dabba in 10-11 Lakh seriously ??? do u know the poverty level in PAKISTAN, 10 LAKH is a common man's LIFE saving how can one buy a reasonable car and from where ???

  23. Malik Aqdas SalahudDin says

    i think the price wil be more. anyway corrola is better than ciy and civic because it is a pure pakistani car for rough roads and the bumpy speedbreakers.It will be better and like gold in GLI if they give navigation in stock without an extra amount and atleast give leatherseats either optional.lets see what happen next

  24. Abbas Khan says

    Agreed. And who designed that front grill. It's the ugliest I've seen in ages. First the wagon-R dabba, then the really bad looking City and now this. It seems our Automakers are in a competition to make the ugliest cars for this year.

  25. Owais Siddiqi says

    3rd class interior and panel … stupid and nonsense

  26. Amir Iftikhar Warraich says

    I am waiting the final prices of these 2014 Corolla models, but considering most feedbacks it seems the Gli will be around +19 lacs after registration and Altis +22 lacs post-registration. Compare the prices to 2013 Civic and maybe it is much better to buy the latter which is more superior in power, drive, security and luxury (and status).

  27. Gibran Ashraf says

    Actually – if the original images – or at least larger versions can be had – can try and geolocate these pictures!

  28. Nasir D Iftikar says

    g chsb..but a milestone from previous versions.. mini-camry-look

  29. Raheel Rizvi says

    Much better than the existing, thankfully Indus Motors has shifted to the latest.

  30. Amir Iftikhar Warraich says

    Maybe not a "great milestone", but yes a better version …

  31. Haris Zahoor says

    Rashid Shafique reason being as follows:
    car cost 27% of retail price
    government RISWAT 15% (from prime minister to bottom chain)
    Sales Tax 17%
    With-holding tax 6%
    profit margin 35%

    you can check these UN-OFFICIAL numbers with any High Post accountant working in car industry


  32. Abbas Khan says

    Haris Zahoor 35% Profit margin :O wth… itny tou drug lords bhi nahi banaatay hongy!

  33. Syed Asif Kazmi says

    agree, almost new cars droping that features

  34. Fayyaz Sarwar Bajwa says

    Dear to correct you i suppose these pictures are from toyota INDIA not indus,please dont cheat

  35. Ali Mujtaba says

    Corolla, I'm afraid, is not the common man's car anymore. Over the years, the Corolla has grown in size and become unaffordable. I have been observing that since the past six years, more and more middle class families are opting for imported JDM hatchbacks such as the Vitz, Passo, Mira, Alto etc. The local car manufacturers need to revamp their flawed strategy regarding 1300 cc sedans. Growing traffic and shrinking parking spaces are inducing people to forgo the sedan option in favour of hatchbacks.

  36. Mohammed Rauf Khan says

    I have not seen anything like this in our area

  37. Ali Mujtaba says

    and not to forget the unbridled theft of Corolla vehicles in the country, owning the same has become a source of constant mental anguish..

  38. Mohammed Rauf Khan says

    I assume the satellite tracking gadgets do not really work in Pakistan or are far too expensive to install?.

  39. Sardar Mustafa says

    what aa car luv it !! <3

  40. Ali Mujtaba says

    Mohammed Rauf Khan Them carjackers have become smarter over the years.

  41. Tal Mah says

    its time we let the doors open to duty free car imports…the corolla will be avaliable for about 600k to 800k……

  42. Tal Mah says

    Abbas Khan hey dude dont insult the real dubba by calling the wagon r a dubba 🙂 really the wagon r is a piece of crap

  43. Aamir Ali says

    Toyota corolla made in pakistan is highly un comfertable car,if compare yo honda civic

  44. Hasnain Sethi says

    Its going to be in your garage buddy

  45. Sanaan Zia says

    Hasnain Sethi nope not anytime soon

  46. Hasnain Sethi says

    INSHALLAH u will

  47. Sanaan Zia says

    khoday de naki 😛

  48. Muhammad Harib says

    Sk Ali toyota making fool n what suzuki doing ??? be realistic.

  49. Muhammad Abdullah says

    CVT is here I think cuz i can see the paddle shifters. now i dun knw whthr its the shiftmatic of triptonic

  50. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Mehran chori ni hoti kya?

  51. Muhammad Abdullah says

    i hv heard 17 lakhs for the xli auto

  52. Faisal Randhawa says

    OMG so UGLY

  53. Ammar Mehmood says

    Muhammad Abdullah paddle shifters dont specifically mean cvt. they are available in the 4 speed version here
    tip n shifttronic are the same manumatic transmission with different brand names, hyundayi uses the term shiftronic fir theirs 🙂

  54. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Ammar Mehmood bro shiftmatic is dif. but i thnk u culd b rite.

  55. MyWheels says

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  56. Javed Khan says

    That's an extremely cheap looking dashboard. Steering looks plastic too :S

  57. Riffat Perveen says

    not impressive this car

  58. Anonymous says

    Toyota Corolla is the best selling car, Admit it OR not, it is even better sedan than Honda Civic in Pakistan and Worldwide. This 2014 Corolla is Good looking,But I dont like the DashBoard. Overall sexy car.

  59. Kashif Malim says

    It's still all plastic and pathetic as always. I'd rather buy a donkey cart for 5 million than this trash heap for 2m.

  60. Bashir Khattak says

    It would be better and more wise to buy a Japani Khota (Donkey) rather than buying Brakeless Corolla. In order to read the designer"s mind we have to study the background of the owners of the company. In my view Axio or Premio would be a batter choice.

  61. Muhammad Naveed says


  62. Khalid Rehman says

    AoA, same comments as Ali Mujtaba sb. it is no more a car of a common man. only think abt it like mers, bmw, austin martin etc.

  63. Zubair Butt says

    Well done pak wheels

  64. Mian Najam says

    What car it is, i personally touched the new model's infotainment system thAT IS based on andriod, it can also support i phone,. Much surprises are coming ahead for Toyota lover

  65. Rashid Shafique says

    Haris Zahoor well that may be true, the influence they have on the government and the big monoply they have formed, they can use that to their advantage as well but they dont want to. Like Abbas said the profit margin could decrease and they could make some quality cars so we don't need to import and increase sales.

    Its true governments a bitch, but id go as far as saying that we people need to complain more about the products that we pay for and as a nation, need to insist on quality and not compromise.Highly agree with Saud!

  66. Waleed Tahir says

    In Dubai, this model is used as a taxi
    And the stupid lazy Pakistani toyota still has to release it nowwwwwwww!!!!!
    Such a shame on this lazy company.

  67. Awais Khan says

    Piece of a shit worth 2m rupees .. again a teen daba from toyota .. i ll prefer japanese axio or premio over this donkey cart .. 2m rupees and they arent offering climate control, immoilizer etc .. Go To Hell toyota .. I will prefer to buy a donkey cart than corolla .. Pathetic ugly dash board like early 80s as well .. simply hate this car .. May Allah give u some sense to provide new generation cars

  68. Pir Syed Sharjeel Abbas says

    this is 1.8…their xli is worth 1.6million, nt bad fr travelling in comparison to civic

  69. Shoaib Amin says

    niaz khan tu BMW lay laay bhai , gharib awam kay leye yeah theek hay

  70. Awais Khan says

    Shoaib Amin bhae iski price bh isk features ko suit nae krti 😀 itna ameer hota to mwi main betha hota 😀

  71. Awais Khan says

    Pir Syed Sharjeel Abbas honestly speaking vitz which i am having right now offers more features than this donkey cart 😀 ofcourse it doesnot provide comfort like corolla in drive

  72. Awais Khan says

    Shoaib Amin bhae itna ameer hota to mwi main betha hota 😀

  73. Raja Atif Fareed says

    I was waiting for this model but now I think waist of time it pooor car with huge money. Even honda city is batter then that

  74. Ahsan Javed says

    where is front lower grill?

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