PM Nawaz gets two BMW 760Li worth 124.995 Million rupees each

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Claims of simplicity and show off have different dimensions, these two words can’t even weighted in the same scale. Even claiming to rule in a state of simplicity but frankly, everyone likes to show-off their authority in this poor country riddled with violence and chaos.

Dawn has recently uncovered that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has just been provided with two bullet proof BMW 760Li vehicles. Cost of one is 119.742 Rupees while the other, which is a more superior model costs 124.995 million rupees. Yes, the tax-payer money was utilized to pay these amounts to the manufacturers.

The high-security cars were advised by Chief of Intelligence Bureau who sought additional high-security vehicles for Prime Minister’s safety. The request was approved the Prime Minister’s office for the purchase and FBR’s help was sought to wave off all taxes from the vehicle.

BMW 760Li high security sedan price is 119.742 million and 124.995 million rupees including custom duty, sales tax, shipping and other expenditures. These imported cars will be exempted from tax when Finance Minister ordered FBR to consider it as a special purchase case.

According to experts though, interference from the minister of finance in this matter is completely not acceptable and irrelevant, as FBR is an independent institution of the country and only relevant officials can order the governing board of FBR for any compensation.

There is an outrage amongst the general public that government officials are spending so much of our money on their own protection, and leaving the people of the country on their own.

Pervez Rasheed criticized the government that the current lot of vehicles available in the garage of Prime Minister can be run for quite a while as they have been well taken care off, so this purchase is an necessary addition.

An anonymous officer from Cabinet’s Central Pool of Cars (CPC), who has the responsibility of maintaining these cars affirmed that the CPC does have enough cars for VIP security duties.


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  1. Badar Shehzad Sheikh says

    You might wanna get an expert's opinion, 112 mil is a lot of money, a BMW 760Li costs around US$150,000 which is around 15 mil PKR, I dont think 98 mil was paid in duty

  2. Anonymous says

    How authenticated is your article? Have you wondered how much 119 million PKR & other figure that you have written makes up to???? Totally making up your so called factual article incorrect as i wonder there couldn't be any high price of BMW in WORLD, Yeah i.e. almost 12 crores PKR or 12.25 crore PKR……. I hopw i have made myself clear or got you understand the purpose of query.

  3. Baber Kaleem Khan says

    A link to Dawn has been provided where we got the figures. Furthermore, the cars were waived off duties and taxes.

  4. Baber Kaleem Khan says

    A link to Dawn has been provided where we got the figures. Furthermore, the cars were waived off duties and taxes

  5. Badar Shehzad Sheikh says

    Baber Kaleem Khan Bhai 12.5 crore ki koi bhi BMW nahi ati

  6. Baber Kaleem Khan says

    Also, some taxes were waived. Not all. It is in the article.

  7. Badar Shehzad Sheikh says

    Baber Kaleem Khan No BMW even with our ridiculous over 200% duty charges is worth 12.5 mil, to put into perspective, it would cost u less to personally import a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

  8. Badar Shehzad Sheikh says

    Baber Kaleem Khan 200,000 dollars, 200% duty, total 600,000, convert to pkr, 60 mil…half of what this article says

  9. Adeel Asghar Malik says

    We should also consider that both cars are "custom made" which includes bullet proofing and other security features designed for VIP's.
    Such custom made vehicles are expected to reach the quoted price.

  10. Badar Shehzad Sheikh says

    Adeel Asghar Malik the price quoted in the article is what u pay for a custom built rolls royce phantom, not a 7 series

  11. Hammad Malik says

    Vehicles are bomb and bullet proof. That's why they are over priced. Why would PM buy these vehicles without these security provisions ? Don't you think he has already dozen 7 series standing in Raiwind.

  12. Baber Kaleem Khan says

    Bhai, their requirement isnt of a rolls royce. You arr thinking like many of us, itnay paiso may woh leletay but as it is written in the article, Chief of intelligence beureau submitted the summary, custom requirements for thevehicles. Please understand that. Such customs made BMWs cam easily cost that much.

  13. Badar Shehzad Sheikh says

    Baber Kaleem Khan The point isnt a rolls or a ferrari, a BMW 7 series High Security, the most expensive armoured BMW costs US$350,000, if the PM paid every single tax and duty on the vehicle (which is highly unlikely) it still wouldn't cost 125 mill

  14. Badar Shehzad Sheikh says

    and besides these cars aren't usually bought, they're often gifted as a sort of marketing exercise by these firms, we people have the tendency to nit pick every action our govt takes, I am surprised we don't get articles about how many mosquitos died in one night due to the Pm lighting a coil in his garden 😛

  15. Fazal Gilani says

    Badar Shehzad Sheikh dude, if these cars are not bought by government then why finance minister ordered for tax exemptions to FBR as a special case? I wish dengue mosquitoes die due to PM lighting coil not only in his garden but in the rest of country areas where people are dying because of it… !!!! it's easy to say or discuss about the price range of BMW but who will be responsible for not utilizing these high budget on several severe issues going around may cause many more…. If our PM and any govt official get controlled on those devastating issues first, I assure you we shall not discuss how much these landlords, mills-lords are spending on their personal security and luxuries.

  16. Muhammad Zia Ur Rehman says

    I am afraid the way and thinking pattern of our people… It is the duality and selfishness of our government to import such vehicles.. but no one condemn the mr.nawaz sharif, but are discussing the price range, availability, security features etc.. we are all slave of such politicians…

  17. Rehan Shaikh says

    Badar Shehzad Sheikh Bhai woh ARMOURED CARS hain jo fully equipped hoti hain technology sey body,glasses,tyres jokey normal BMW sey bohet expensive hoti hain

  18. Rehan Shaikh says

    Baber Kaleem Khan bhai aapkey tolerance ko salaam 🙂

  19. Kashif Iqbal says

    Badar Shehzad Sheikh its bullet proof that is y it is worth like this

  20. AlLe CheeMa says

    Vehicles are bomb and bullet proof. That's why they are over priced. Why would PM buy these vehicles without these security provisions ? Don't you think he has already dozen 7 series standing in Raiwind. :/

  21. Arif Khan Mahsud says

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  22. Rohail Shamash says

    Why not S class ?

  23. Waqar Sheikh says

    Dont talk about something you dont know about. BMW 760Li is a high performance luxury sedan, that coupled with bullet proofing (and maybe armoring) may as well be how expensive the article says it is.

  24. Waqar Sheikh says

    the link given by baber kaleem khan is not the one they just imported. The link says that the bmw 760Li shown is built to resist all assault rifle attacks. I am quite sure the one they imported was also "armored" which would certainly cost around 200K more (considering they'd have to compensate for the added weight as well, in terms of suspension and engine performance).

  25. Yousaf Khan says

    UllO nawajU 😀

    according to bhai .. BMW woh b 12.5 crore :/ Lamborghini huracan e import krwa laita .. :/

  26. Eie Aay says

    Junaid Zafar

  27. Umair Ashfaq says

    bullet proofing a car eats alot of money….trust me

  28. Noman Ali says

    the article clearly mentions ..including all taxes and duty thats 300% more than the base figure.which could be waved off as in special purchase category from FBR.. duh -_-

  29. Hybrid Cars says

    This is a wrong story. Pakwheels is advised to focus on professional matters and remain apolitical. Such politically motivated articles will taint this wonderful blog.

  30. Umer Farooq says

    Agreed mate. And story is all fake. These cars are bought for guests. And the price briefed is absolutely wrong. I can pass on the right link of this car which is already bullet and bomb proof. PakWheels is getting political and I can see people will leave this community and lose the confidence in PW if this kind of fake posts are shared.

  31. Umer Farooq says

    Baber Kaleem Khan I can send you the direct link of the car where it says it worth 3-4 crores. Even if you modify it cant go pass 6-7 crores.

  32. Adam Azad says

    I wonder if he'll use PSO Carient or Shell Helix in his cars

  33. Salman says

    The use of English in this article can be greatly improved, not least the grammar and typos. How one writes is as important, if not more, as what one writes. Please consider this in your future articles. Thanks.

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