Exclusive pictures of new Suzuki Alto’s interior revealed!

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PakWheels.com always brings exclusive content for its readers. This time too, keeping the tradition alive, we exclusively bring you pictures of Suzuki Alto 660cc’s interior. Slide to view all the pictures:


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The pictures attached above showcase two different models – Alto VXL and VXR variants. As seen in the pictures the VXL (AGS), Alto’s top of the line variant, is equipped with power windows, ABS, and an SRS airbag. From the pictures, it can be seen that this hatchback is spacious. Some would say that the 1000cc Wagon R VXR is more spacious but it still doesn’t come equipped with a power window option like the Alto VXL. Even better, the VXL has an AC and a modern-looking touchscreen LCD, which is quite impressive to see.

The variant VXR has a manual transmission and is not equipped with power windows or ABS, however, it is equipped with an AC. Moreover, the most interesting aspect to note here is that Pak Suzuki is offering this variant with an SRS airbag. There seems to be a lot of improvement in the features overall.

While Alto’s base variant, VX’s interior pictures aren’t available, it is speculated that it will be available in manual transmission only without an airbag option. It is also unclear whether it will be available with an AC installed.

To sum up, Pak Suzuki will be launching the Alto car on 15th June 2019. Suzuki Alto will be launched in three different variants namely VX, VXR, and VXL. As per reports, the starting price of Suzuki Alto 2019 variants will be around Rs 9.65 lac and it may go up to Rs 12 lac.

PakWheels.com will be covering Suzuki Alto 660cc launching ceremony. Stay tuned!

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  1. TiredOfThisShit says

    Wow! They still want to use outdated XLI wala phirki latoo for opening/closing windows. Positively outdated.

    Also wondering which gearbox they are mating with the 660cc engine? I wonder if this engine and transmission configuration comes anywhere else worldwide?

    Seats look bland and auto climate control is missing from all models compared to JDM models.

    Just “SRS airbag” text on steering wheel does not mean that actual airbag is installed. This is Na-Pak Suzuki we are talking about here.

    The steering and instrument cluster looks barebones compared to any Alto JDM Model. Even the edge of the air blower duct leaves a lot to desire regarding finishing quality and QC checks at Pak Suzuki.

  2. Alee Chaudhary says

    Na-Pak Shitzuki finally raped the 660cc Alto… Japanese variant is a decade Ahead in interior quality

  3. Awam Ki JIT says

    No match for Japanese Alto interior. But who will check them.

    Government once again is working to protect local teen-dabba assemblers.

  4. Guest says

    Why they choose the jet black interior when their A/Cs are pathetic? I still remember the 82-83 FX was introduced with jet black interior then 86-88 FX came in beige interior in which the A/C (came as an option) performed much better than the black one. Plus the small car will look more spacious with light colour interior.

    The A/C knobs look like a clown eye-rolling and sticking the tongue out?

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