More exclusive pictures of Prince Pearl’s Interior & Exterior

Prince Pearl Rex7 is surely creating a series of non-stop surprises for Pakistanis and now with the new exclusive pictures acquired by, one can get an idea as to what they will get if they go for the upcoming 800cc hatchback by Prince. Complete specifications and pictures of Prince Pearl Rex7

As seen in the picture and revealed by earlier the car is equipped with power windows, a modern-looking digital speedometer, and touchscreen LCD.  Just to compare, the 1000cc Wagon R VXR doesn’t come equipped with power window option and the other variant VXL has power window option but in front doors only. Furthermore, unlike its competitor in the market United Bravo, the car has a spare tyre as well. View the pictures below:

Note here that the Pearl Rex7 is expected to hit the roads in the first half of this year with an expected price tag of around Rs.7 lacs to 7.5 lacs. As Bravo is being sold at PKR 895,000 (ex-factory), it will give tough competition to the car. Moreover, the pictures that we have seen give us a reason to believe that REX7 resembles, Yika E7, which is manufactured by Jiangsu Yika New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. It, in my humble opinion, is the same car but is being shipped to Pakistan under a different brand name.

The joint venture of Regal Automobiles and DFSK Group of China, Prince, will launch Prince Pearl Rex7 in the local auto industry.

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Notable Replies

  1. Slap a suzuki badge on that thing and watch Pakistanis cream their pants over it.
    Anyway, looks better than the Bravo in most ways, although that fake wooden trim needs to be toned down. A lot.

  2. Features wise it maybe a good car, but they have tried their best to make it as ugly as possible. Irregular bizarre shaped car

  3. I think still long way to go . As these pictures are of left hand drive car. Right hand will be imported then will be tested and then will be sold. At least an year is required in launching

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