The Faults In Our Cars: Suzuki Swift

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No, I won’t stop… I won’t stop writing about the terrible cars the local manufacturers are giving us, with special factory fitted faults, which are unique in each new vehicle they roll out of the factory.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is an opinion piece, not a PakWheels review. The author is entitled to his opinion about the car he owns.

The vehicle I have chosen to write about today, is the legendary Suzuki Swift, made by the majestic and marvellous Pak Suzuki Motors Ltd.

In 2010, Pak Suzuki presented the nation with the most successful car they’ve made. The chubby Suzuki Swift, powered by a 1328cc M13A, producing around 90 hp and 114 Nm of torque. Offered in 3 variants, with one being a 4-Speed Automatic, the Swift is the only local A/T hatchback available in Pakistan.

According to Pak Suzuki:

“Suzuki Engineers went into relentless effort to come up with new Suzuki Swift and modify it according to the needs and requirement of Pakistani customer.”

Suzuki has engineers? Seriously? This made me laugh.

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Anyway, coming back to real life. There is no doubt, the Swift looks good. It is a very decent and balanced looking hatchback, Pak Suzuki has to offer. Ever wonder why? Because it is compared with the other hatchbacks we have here. The Cultus, Mehran, Alto etc, with that level of competition my grandmother could design a better looking car . In the imports market, the only decent looking hatchback in this category is the Vitz, which looks just fine. Swift manages to stand out from the crowd because of its looks. Here, I would like to add a very famous Urdu saying “Andhon Mein Kaana Raja”.

Compare the Swift to a real hot hatch, and then the cracks begin to appear.

Ford Focus Suzuki Swift

Yes, the Swift manages to escape the league of faulty vehicles because it looks good in Pakistan. But is that enough? No, it isn’t.  I won’t spare the Pak Suzuki for making a car, that had rattling seat belt locks on the day I took its delivery. The driver side door had to be shut with more than necessary force. The guys standing around my Swift, who can do anything to embarrass you and make you pay them the so called ‘mithai’ of new car, were standing around the car with an evil grin on their faces. I drove the car out of the showroom, thanking Allah for the car, but my prayers were interrupted by the rattling noise, which increased with an increase in speed. Still, could be worse.

Now, I will quote a few lines from the Pak Suzuki’s website, in which they say different things about the Swift:

About the instrument panel, Suzuki says:

The bright sporty, easy-to-read tachometer dial that has its ‘0’ mark positioned at six o’clock, where the driver’s eye falls naturally.

Is this even a description? Was this thing even supposed to be said? Eyes can fall anywhere naturally.

Inside, the chrome door handles are described as:

Silver chromed door handle further adds elegance with sportiness.

*sob sob*

Coming to the performance of the Swift. Many people consider it to be a fast machine. Well, yes it is fast but take any hatchback and put anything above a 1000cc in it and it will be kind of fast, BUT the outdated engine Suzuki is fitting the Swift with was first used almost 15 years ago, and in 15 years, a lot has changed. Fat iPods are replaced by very slim ones, hybrid vehicles can produce up to 1500 BHP and what not, but Pak Suzuki still gives us an M13A with highly unpredictable fuel consumption patterns. The 4-Speed automatic, Oh Come on! even a mountain bike has more gears than that!

Concluding today’s story, I would like to say that yes, we live in a country where everything is outdated and we are forced to buy things because there is a very little room of options available to us, but the price we’re paying for all of this are immense! We do not deserve such pathetic build quality and below par features for what we pay.

Till next time we meet…

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  1. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Im becoming a fan of your articles. Keep ’em coming. Corolla cover karo yaar.

  2. Mustansir Shaherwala says

    They wont cover corolla, of that will be the last car… Pakwheels is biased as well towards other brands when it comes to Corolla.

  3. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Please do corolla next.

  4. Almighty Zeus says

    Unfortunately….this is as biased as it gets….this is not a review but just bashing…..i m not on the side of PKDMs but fortunately Swift is atleast a fresh sight. It has its pros and cons but which car hasn’t. Put a 1000cc+ in any hatchback and it flies? Bro are you high? M13a is 91bhp vs 1.3l corolla is 84bhp. (If you even know what bhp means). Cluster is far better then the ones found on abused JDMs which look like doll houses….and admit it….it is loaded with things Indus not providing in a even higher price… immobilizer which is absent even in a 2.3mill Grande….a nice thud when you close the door which is not present on the mighty rollas. The list is long…

    I have been using this car for almost 2 years now and not even a single time had it let me down in terms of mechanical durability….bring on any 1.3L or sedan and it will eat dust….what else you want from a 1.2mill Brand New hatchback? Go and buy a abused 1L underpowered Jdm for more then than price….

  5. Usman Khawaja says

    Totally based article and you are talking as if suzuki should have put 1600cc engine within body. And talking about door closing issue, thats the individual case. Please don’t impose your opinion over all cars manufactured till yet. 1.3 DOHC producing 91HP is enough for such family hatchback car (Check the power of vitz engine first). And i guess you need 8 speed pattern gears in upcoming swift. Let me say i’m using swift since 2011 and it is the best car made by Suzuki so far…

  6. a Pakistani says

    Bro!!! As long as the govt does not change its auto policy, till then u won’t find any sort of change

  7. Omer says

    management should hire sensible writers …..

  8. Muhammad Sufiyan says

    i disagree, vitz is also having 4speed automatic, no road grip, skinny tires, and noise made by that crap after 80 kph is IMMENSE! and it is 1000cc where as swift is 1300cc, swift even got sat nav, with vitz? NO, so called cassette player wale tape arahe hain. and you can buy slow, dreary, uncomfortable vitz for 14 lacs where as swift is bought brand new for 13 lacs. by the way swift makes noise after 150 kph which corolla XLi or GLi can’t even achieve

  9. Eltaf Janjua says

    nice art; writing such a lengthy blog without mentioning any valid point

  10. Rizwan Ali says

    Pakwheels should seriously consider risking their professional reputation in the hands of immature writers. This article is far from being called a review.
    I was rather expecting writer’s comments on geometry of seats, the ergonomics and quality of manufacturing process and materials….found none in the article. My personal experience on driving swift gives rise to three observations…..
    Firstly, miser cost saving by manufacturer in uni directional auto button of driver window coupled with dancing motion of window pane while going up.
    Secondly, the ergonomics…seat height gives a larger frontal blind zone for average height (5’9″ tall) driver.
    Thirdly…curves are good but then you need proximity sensors as a least measure to assist in parking. But why would they care when they are saving in auto button of Windows.

  11. Shani Arain says

    bhai ap 2012 vitz ko compare kro na swift se. ap 1990 ke model ko 2012 kk swift se ku kr rahe ho. or kis ne kaha vitz main sat nav nahi? sub kuch hai usmain. comfortable apki okat se bhi zada hai. or fuel consumption bht achi hai . chalao ge to pta chalega . ese bolne walle bht hain. or sound ak bhi nai ata usmain. gari ko maintain rakho to pta chale apko. pr vitz achi nai lagti to FAW V2 lelo. swift se 1 lac sasti. more advance options . more power 92 hp. and dosent come in 1500cc model as Shitty swift.

  12. Abdul Hannan says

    it is a nice car among locals…..only K12B should be put instead of M13A to reduce fuel consumption and token tax…….rest is all good and please don’t compare with ford focus and Volkswagen because they have price more than 2 million even if imported duty free.We are also waiting for fault in toyota corolla .

  13. Shani Arain says

    Totally Agree with you. best article (y)

  14. Syed S says

    O…kay, that was a waste of time. Pakwheels surely need better writers. I thought I was about to read an informed review, sadly disappointed by an immature write up.
    I visit this blog for valid and researched information. And not some “fan” who didn’t even recheck the stats.

  15. usman niazi says

    yaar logon ko aap auqat na bolo please… be decent… everyone has an opinion so respect it rather than getting angry if you don’t agree with it…

  16. Farid Ul Haq says

    You should put in more effort in driving home the points that you are trying to make. Glaringly weak arguments; hence the article ends up coming across as a personal opinion rather than an objective analysis. Disappointing.

  17. Mutahar Irfan says

    Pakwheels blog is open for all to read and audience of any type can read and understand it. but mind not sir i cannot understand your observations easily as to many technical word are used. And a small kid who wants to read about cars might get confused with what you have said.

  18. Muhammad Sufiyan says

    firstly 1990 main koi vitz nae t tw get your facts and figures right, secondly agar ap haathi ka bacha bithoge kisi b gari main tw dabegi chahe range rover kyu na ho, insaan bano zoo keeper nae, and okaat choro pehle bhokna band karo, apke abbu ka naukar nae tw tameez se

  19. Shehryar Ali Raja says

    The tag Suzuki is itself the biggest fault in our cars.

  20. Aref Ali says

    It’s an opinion piece, not a news article. You can say and write whatever you feel about the car.

    Nice display pic though. Looking very swanky.

  21. Aref Ali says

    Opinion piece, not a review. Look at the tags under the article heading. Author can be as biased as he wants to be. You can write an article dissing or praising whatever car you like as well.

  22. Zaid says

    Compared to other Suzuki cars that I have driven, which include Mehran, Khyber and Baleno, I think Swift is far superior. In fact, the drive is as smooth as Toyota Corolla’s. I am surprised Suzuki was able to manufacture a car this good.

    I am also impressed with the acceleration, which is optimal for urban roads in Pakistan.

    Personally, I am very satisfied with Swift and I don’t generally have high regard for Suzuki.

  23. Hassan says

    I have used new Swift and my experience is not as good as it was qouted and not as bad as THE writter stated.
    If u r comparing it with vitz, its not justice, please compare it with Japan made Swift, that is far more better than vitz in feature style performance and economy……… BUT the problem is with the DUTY system of pakistan that u r getting both $6000 cars with 5 lacs price difference……….. IFF both car duties r same, i will love to have imported swift

  24. Salman says

    I guess it was feeder time for the writer. When u write a blog on an authentic website, it should not be all about personal experience, rather based on collective information based on research.

    Anyway, as the writer’s signature say “He hopes to go viral one day” he is just after cheap popularity.

    It is time for Pakwheels to think or else it has already became a PAN KI DUKAN.

  25. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Hope Paki Suzuki reads your article.

  26. Kinaan Khan Sherwani says

    If I am not wrong this is an opinion section of the blog and you have mistakenly taken it as a review.

  27. Asfand says

    Vitz has a CVT mister… CVT is far more responsive and economical and it’s very quite at highway speeds unlike the horrid 4 speeder in swift. Please get your facts right. Vitz is broader and lower than swift and so according to physics it has a better grip. What you get in a vitz you don’t get in a gli. 8 airbags for example and a reverse camera. Swift to door ki baat hai lol

  28. Asfand says

    Bro you are spot on !

  29. Asfand says

    You are so foolish when you compare horsepower of 1300cc and 1000 lmao. Firstly, vitz has 72horsepower and 93Nm of torque compared to cultus 68hp and 78Nm. And go Wikipedia yaris, you will see that yaris 1300 cc is more powerful than swift 🙂
    And finally vitz is coming with CVT which is in Altis grande so that should tell you about the value of a CVT cus it’s in a 25+ lacs car

  30. rkk says

    i have driven both 2010 vitz and a swift. But honestly swift has Uncomfortable suspension and seats, no air bags and is way behind than a japanese manufactured vitz. Trunk space in vitz is also more spacious. Personally i can deal with a 1000 cc comfortable car than a 13 hundred CC which has gud pick but nothing else. Suzuki can not be compared to a toyota in quality. I personally would never buy pathetic pakistani assembled cars.

  31. rk says

    you still cant compare a suzuki brand pakistani assembled car to a japanese one. Swift has uncomfortable seats and hard suspension, not as spacious as a vitz, trunk space in vitz much better. No airbags in swift, vitz has a better and decent road appeal. Suzuki is generally not a good brand either. the list goes on

  32. Abubakr says

    The moment I read the title “The fault in our cars” I immediately couldn’t help recall the movie “The fault in our stars.” Unlike this article, what a great and emotional movie it was. Watching that movie I couldn’t help but cry.

    Same was the case after reading this article. I couldn’t help but cry. Not in the emotional sense. But in the other. I guess that you must have guessed why?

    And also the moment I read the title of this article I knew that I was about to confront some Churba. And when I read it my doubts were confirmed.

    Such an illogical and useless article. How could Pak wheels allow such content on its website.

    I use Pakwheels to search for cars as I find it the biggest and the most famous site to do so, but after reading such articles I think it was some sort of biased article to defame Pak Suzuki.

    The writer had done some research by copying and pasting content from PaK suzuki site to Pakwheels site and then comparing the Suzuki with mountain bike. (I think which he owns)

    Trust me, I couldn’t find it beneficial. I having myself driven Suzuki Swift I must say that I LOVE SUZUKI SWIFT.

    I don’t find any problem with the car. I just read the article to see if there was any problem which I failed to notice.

    But I am happy that there wasn’t.

    So my suggestion to the writer. Start by writing articles on mountain bikes and motor cycles and then when you are seasoned enough, you can start writing on cars as well.

    Trust me Unlike our stars, there is no problem in our “CARS” which you are trying to point out.

  33. Sajjad says

    Excellent comment and observation by Mr Abubakr. Purpose of this article
    series not fulfills if the writer goes out of domain with flimsy
    reasons. More impressed with way of writing of Mr Abubakr.

  34. 9900 GT says

    paksuzuki ki koi bhi gari main free main bhi na lun

  35. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    To anyone thinking it isn’t the place to post such comment, you are wrong, you don’t own the internet so shut up!, anyone can say anything about the topic being discussed.

    To Rizwan Ali, regarding blind zones all modern cars are like that(you cannot see the hood), the swift the only blind zone i found in swift is due to pillars around rear windshield. drive any modern car designed after 2005 for a few days and you’ll find swift quite easy to drive.

  36. faraz mehdi says

    its true people here do usually receive the cars with factory faults, with no compensation

  37. Asif says

    Baseless article.

  38. Ahmad Kamal says

    Don’t write for the sack of writing right for the sack of information.

  39. Ahmad Kamal says


  40. Asad Ahmed says

    After reading this article I’m blaming myself that why I wasted my time on this article, seriously he has just posted his experience and nothing else.

  41. Ammar says

    Your bio says “Fahad Mehmood is an ardent car enthusiast”
    I have to ask, what car enthusiast would compare the number of gears in a car with that of a mountain bike? You want to talk about what this country doesn’t deserve? It’s BS articles like these…

    To PakWheels:
    This is an excellent and informative website that is constantly being bogged down by garbage articles written by amateur writers. If you cannot find decent writers then stop posting, it’s that simple. Writing trash like this will do far more harm than not writing anything at all.
    Did anyone even proof read this tripe?

  42. Za says

    I have read the complete article but haven’t found anything useful. The writer seems to be an amateur one.

    Really waste of time, suggest for removal of this article

  43. Za says

    For writer I would suggest spend some 2~3 million and arrange import of a zero meter hatchback from Japan and be in peace.

  44. Usman Khawaja says

    Who is comparing swift with vitz? Go home you’re drunk. Swift according to Pakistani roads and Environment is best among hatchback sedan cars. Vitz is not made in Pakistan yet we are talking about Paki manufactured cars. First try to sort out what the hell im saying you Foolish.. -_-

  45. Usman Khawaja says

    you’re sleeping whole life dude if you havn’t read article against corolla at Pakwheels yet :p

  46. Madara Uchiha says

    Look at all the idiots talking smack… Foolish people, this is an opinion… it says right at the top of the article, not a professional analyses… You dumb people are so biased and narrow minded, it’s hilarious!

  47. Shay-kh Sharjele says

    A smart way of driving traffic to your website. Maybe you can make some money through ads. That’s all I can see. A remark without any figures is just another opinion and that’s really what this article is.

  48. Ali Irfan says

    Bhai aap tou Toyota se purani dushmani nikal rahe ho
    Ya phir kahin Suzuki ke wakeel tou nahi?

  49. Ali Irfan says

    Pehli baat droved nahi drove hota hai
    Aur third class gari ko vitz se compare na karen

  50. Aiysha Abbas Mirza says

    Seems like people forgot to read the editor’s note probably :/

  51. Mushtaq Magri says

    i love swift nice look and smooth drive as compared to all suzuki cars 🙂

  52. Alishba says

    biases article….. Swift is better than imported REPAIRED , ACCIDENTED, METER REVERSED AND RAPED IMPORTED CARS

  53. Bilal Bhatti says

    Common. Not even a single point for lack of VVT? I still however rate its 1328cc 16v DOHC MPFI inline engine better than other hatchbacks out there (ofcourse excluding imported JDM versions)

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