Al-Haj FAW shipped 373 V2 units in January 2018

Al-Haj FAW Motors launched FAW V2 back in 2014 in the local market to diversify the existing hatchback segment, which is dominated by Suzuki vehicles. We contacted Al-Haj FAW officials to see how V2 is doing in 2018. And according to the data provided to us by the company, it has sold 373 units of V2 in January and 259 units in February.

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Moreover, it is to be noted here that the company shipped 1508 units of FAW V2 in 2016 and 2555 units in 2017, which shows that the hatchback is doing pretty well in the local market. Additionally, it is also reported that the company might also launch B30 sedan car in Pakistan this year to compete with local manufacturers in the sedan segment. The vehicle is powered by 1.6 litres (1598cc) four-cylinder petrol engine that produces 109 hp and 155 Nm torque. Al-Haj FAW displayed the car at Lahore Expo in March 2016. Let’s wait and see whether the company introduces the vehicle or not.

Moving onwards, just like the other local automakers, Al-Haj Motors has also surged the prices of its vehicle lineup for the second time this year due to the devaluation of Rupee against Dollar. It has soared the rates of its vehicles up to PKR 35,000.

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Notable Replies

  1. you should have asked them who is buying these cars. Customers from which city are buying it? I have so far seen just 1 in Lahore.

  2. I see atleast one in Lahore daily, infact more than 1.

  3. People should be encouraged to buy V2 .... at least it has better shape than alienatic Wagon R....with better features as well n good and balanced drive... well done FAW....

  4. i was recently inclining to buy it due to mostly positive reviews. i had a test drive a day before yesterday with high hopes but i was thoroughly disappointed and i would seriously like Faw to make immediate improvements:

    1. Very very poor cabin noise insulation. Too much noise of engine, it felt like i was sitting on the engine.
    2. Placement of lights and wipers should be switched immediately
    3. Very low quality plastic used especially in ac vents and middle panel, it almost looks like the quality of plastic that is used in 2 rs plastic toys.
    4. Gear switching was not smooth
    5. Low quality power steering, almost felt like semi power steering
    6. Low quality pedals

    Some good things i noticed:

    1. Very fluent power windows
    2. Very good leg and headroom
    3. Looks very good from exterior paintjob is good
  5. I'm not sure what are people expecting from this car.

    But expecting low and expecting it to be a replacement or upgrade from mehran and wagorR you be happy from it.

    If your are expecting it to be a vitz or Honda city I'm sorry ur wrong.

    One only buys this as a budget car. Any high up expectations will lead in you utter disappointment

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