PW Exclusive: Pictures of FAW’s upcoming hatchback in Pakistan


While most of the automakers in Pakistan are afraid to publish the pictures of their upcoming cars because of most definitely some superstitious reason, FAW people have emailed Pakwheels some exclusive images of the V2 Hatchback from Pakistan for you to see.

The V2 will be launched soon into the Pakistani market, the following pictures are taken of the test vehicle in the factory of Al-Haj FAW Motors in Karachi.

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  • Shahid Mehmood

    still better looking than Mehran new grill? agreed?

  • Shahid Mehmood

    with so many features, ppl still think its price should be near to Mehran eg: 800,000 to 850,00 i dont know why? in the mean while Cultus will cost u almost 10.5 (ex factory, freight, clearance) without ABS,EBD, Air Bags,. Be optimistic how can one offer all these features at a price near to Mehran?


    I made the test drive of the car, it was comfortable, good driving, people from showroom saying milag is 16/KM, it would be around 15/KM in actual conditions.That means it’s equal to XLI. in the city it will perform 10 to 12/km which is same as cultas. But diving, finish and value is lot batter than Cultas. parts would be expansive. resale value would not be really cash. Design is almost good. few things need to be adopted, it has power button with the hand break, so that’s make the second problem that hand break is too far from the drivers seat it looks like hand break made for the front passenger seat. other it has indicators nob on the left side which was very odd to me. however you can adapt to these change but when you convert to some other you will have problem again or if you have two cars. It’s a good value to your money in the current market situation compare with cultas but the buyer will be taking some chances so it would be batter to have lower price than cultas so you could kill the cultas and then you can raise the price after making you market. it sould cost around .9 million. currently it 1067000 what showroom people saying. I think they are making some extra money. comparing with cultas. it will cost above 1.1 million after all things. So point is in 1.1 million you can have Vitz with same fuel cost and engin capacity and batter shaped car. thats my thought. How you guys say?

  • Sulman Ali

    This car is better than Suzuki Alto, Wagon, Cultus…