FAW V2 vs Suzuki Swift: The Showdown of Commoners!


A few days back, FAW V2 started its production in Pakistan and suddenly it became bragging rights for the majority of people to drag its reputation in dirt. Well, this article is an attempt to highlight some noteworthy features and shortcomings of V2 in the shape of a comparison. So, let’s start with comparing V2 with its presumed arch rival Suzuki Swift. Admittedly, Suzuki Swift is a very compact, well manufactured and liked car in Pakistani market, so it will serve the purpose of shedding some light on this car. Before we move on to the actual comparison, I would like to point out that this comparison is between manual variants of both these cars. Since V2 does not come with an automatic transmission, we will have to base our study on equal grounds. Nevertheless, this lack of an automatic variant is a bonus point for Suzuki Swift.

Let’s start with the auto manufacturers, V2 has been launched by FAW, which is a Chinese company and is being run under Al-Haj FAW name in Pakistan. FAW is one of the Chinese giants and is making cars in collaboration with Volkswagen, Mazda, GM and Toyota in China. Although Al-Haj FAW launched V2 in 2013, it is still decades younger than its counterpart in Pakistan; Suzuki Swift and Pak-Suzuki.

First Up, Engine Performance!


Engine is the heart of any car, and as such its importance cannot be neglected. You might be expecting Swift to take the lead, however; unexpectedly V2 trumps Swift with its variable cam timing engine and electronic throttle. If, however you value maintenance as a higer factor then yes Swift takes the lead with its simpleton wire throttle. But what about the performance? Suzuki Swift is notorious for its stability on roads and pick up speed. How does V2 fares with Swift’s benchmark performance in the 1.3L engine capacity in Pakistan? As it turns out, V2’s performance is quite surprising. The pick-up speed is good but due to less weight (981 KG) as compared to Swift (1050 KG), keen drivers will notice car’s light behaviour on high speeds. But that does not indicate that V2 is a push-over in any figment of imagination.

Next on the list, dimensions!


Normally, this is the point where you would expect Suzuki Swift to take the list easily because of its compact design. But sadly, V2 manages to challenge Swift’s interior space with its 60mm longer wheel base, which gives an increased cabin space to passengers. Next up is the boot space, to put it simply, V2 takes the clear lead with its 320L boot space capacity as compared to 212L capacity of Suzuki Swift. While Swift offers more ground clearance, both cars have pretty much ample amount of margins over speed bumps.

What about Features?


In terms of security features, both these cars are neck and neck. In the past one could have argued that Suzuki Swift had the advantage with its ‘immobilizer’. But recent updates in V2 have seen the inclusion of immobilizer in it. Additionally, V2 offers crumple zones, child safety, airbags and ABS with EDB. Both these cars don’t offer cruise control, neither do they offer sun-roof. As far as standard on-board equipment is concerned, V2 takes a slight lead over Suzuki Swift with its air bags and crumple zones. But what about optional extras? As it turns out Al-Haj FAW does not offer satellite navigation with V2, so Suzuki Swift clearly takes the lead in this front.

Price Comparison?


As mentioned earlier FAW V2 is the clear winner when it comes to price. V2 is very competitively priced at PKR 1,069,000; surpassing both variants of Suzuki Swift by a long margin. Even if you do install an aftermarket satellite navigation system with parking assists, the overall cost is still less than that of any variant of Suzuki Swift.

Final Thoughts:

On paper, V2 trumps Suzuki Swift by a big difference on price and value for money factor(s). Not only is it cheaper (than Suzuki Swift), but is more modern and manages to offer all the amenities a modern driver would want. The V2 is heavily inspired by the first generation Toyota Vitz and uses same engine and body dimensions as of Vitz. Above all else are the lowered Token Charges. It has an engine capacity of 1298 cc, which means it falls in the ‘Under 1300 cc’ category, as compared to Suzuki Swifts’ 1328cc, which falls in the ‘Under 1600 cc’ category. Apart from all the good points of V2, I personally think if the following points were to be addressed by Al-Haj FAW then this car would receive a boost in its sales.

  • Automatic Transmission
  • Satellite Navigation

Despite all the shortcomings, the fact of V2’s growing presence on the Pakistani roads can be seen easily, which showcases its growing popularity in the country.


  • Salman Ahmed

    Insae bethar ha bandae Japanese made car lain warnae Honda ya Toyota

  • Asad Khaliq

    V2 is much more technically advanced car than Swift, which is it yields more fuel mileage. Therefore its engine is technologically more advanced than Swift’s.

  • Rawal

    I own V2 , when I went to collect the car, the cars had gone through a silent update. They didn’t made a big fuss about it. So essentially they added Immobilizer.

  • Shani Arain

    I am a v2 owner. so i’ll correct you on rear defogger 🙂

  • ehs

    V2 has rear defogger
    Please rectify this mistake.
    I have heard that locally assembled V2 in Automatic transmission is also expected to be introduced this year.

  • Shanghai Quetta Enterprises

    V2 is beter thank swift top of line model in Specification Power Price Warranty

  • Qasim Cheema

    But but suzuki has better resale

  • Salman Ahmed

    Toyota vitz has better resale in my city

  • fed up

    New cars are coming in 2017, you will forget the resale word.

  • fed up

    All people will forget the word “resale”, when new cars(2017) with less price will be available, like RENAULT KWID/ DATSUN GO etc etc. People will buy new cars(800-1000 CC) in the price range of 5-7lakh rupees .Patience for few months.

  • Jdm corner

    No comparison between Them… Compare karna ha to V 2 ko wagon R k sath karo

  • Kamran khan

    Definitely, V2 is going to rock , we didn’t knew about this car and company before , why this company not launches ad campaign on TV ? Is it wise to buy Wagon R if we want best retrn of our money? When vitz came in Pakistan in 2005, it faced similar conditions like V2 is facing know.. No doubt you can say Q Mobile has launched a mobile phone having same features as thatof Samsung Galaxy S7 edge , The last thing to check is quality.

  • Aden

    Who will write an article on TEST DRIVE of FAW V2 on Pakwheels?

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    cars wapas bechne ke liye lete ho? then we have absolutely no car enthusiasts in Pak, only business men jinki waja se market expand nai horahi.

  • Omar Seljouk

    Bought V2 as a service vehicle for my company about 2 years back. Its has clocked over 100,000 KMS.

    Well first 70,000 it was in hands of the worst driver we have. He really screwed it. However after going through so much torture the shocks are weak now. Some noise from the suspension.
    There was no need for spares as such. Only tires, plugs, brake pads and oil filter etc. The driver managed to break the wind shield also which was easily available and was replaced.

    This car is good if you want to keep it for 5 years. Some salient features.
    1. It’s 1298 CC; that puts it in the below 1300 category thus saving of registration and road tax.
    2. The only car offering EBD. However it was ABD also. Latest Seat belts.
    3. Power windows and mirrors.
    5. Alloys.
    6. VCT Engine.
    7. Electric steering.
    8. Fogs and halogens.
    9. Rear LED
    10. Big boot and good leg room for all four passengers.
    11. Drive by wire.
    12. The engine is spacious that it it is maintenance friendly. You do not need to remove 10 things to reach a parts.
    13. The only car offering motorized Vent system. Not even 1600 CC local car have thing leave aside smaller cars.
    14. AIRBAGS
    In total it’s a very good family car. I cannot take beating very well……………BUT if Mehran and Cultus can survive there is nothing wrong with V2. We Pakistani people have mind set. We are generally “DAROO” and poor. This car cannot be cheaper than this considering the above. However most will say if they give for 800 K then it’s OK. However the same people will have a Mehran and Cultus parked in their Garage. There is a world outside Pakistan too… LOL We need to promote competition; only then we will get somewhere. Happy shopping.

  • +1

  • Nafisa Ahmed

    I am a V2 owner and there is a correction i would like to make that it has a rear defogger. the drive is amazing. so far the only issue i am facing is finding the mud flaps. other wise it’s a great car and i would say it’s much better than Suzuki Swift. yes for those people who would think about resale before even buying something, this is not the car for such people. I can tell you one thing that once you start driving it, you will love the feel of it. it’s a very economical and a much better option than over priced cultus, wagonr and swift.

  • Glen

    Brother v2 is better then Swift. Aqal k parday hatayo and haqeeqat ki duniya mae ayo.
    Pehlay article parho then baat krna. Oper comparison ho rha hai idhar ye mosoof keh rhay hain comparison nhi hai. Tu Pakistani hi rahay ga bas bolna hai chahy jo marzi bolo.

  • Hassan

    What is resale?

  • Glen

    Bilkul sahe kaha.
    Ye Pakistani wo log hain jo Mehran ko 50 saal tak raghartay rhay gy or Suzuki ko galiyan bhi detay rhain gy. Ghar mae sui say le kr Motorcycle tak har cheez China ki use karain gy per Gari ki bari mae China ko bura bhala kahain gy without any particular logic.

  • Amir

    PW most of the times send bias comparison and we know the reasons. Almost the whole europe, UK, America are driving FAW and like any other manufacturer thier cars also face problem the why to cry on FAW. Though I don’t own but condemning just because of Chinese make then better look yourself first. What you have and what you are doing? In 68years can’t design even a bicycle………..

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    that would be great

  • Syed Zaj

    fuel mileage and CNG performance reviews please

  • Farhan

    V2 is a much better option keeping the whole package in view.

  • Soccer Guy

    Nice comparison, but it would be appreciable if practical hands-on comparison is also included as that is what gives the actual performance, quality, feel, reliability, maintenance and services related details that must be looked into prior making such an investment.

  • Syed Murtaza Hussain Kazmi

    V2 is much better and safe. Resale becomes when people start buying the things.

  • Anonymous

    Ive seen V2 owners very happy with their car. To them its better than swift even. But the only thing that holds me from buying it is re sale. Since I am at a stage where I would like to buy a car that will prove to be an asset in the next 3 to 4 years…. I hope the Al HAJ does something about it with respect to mass marketing.

  • Soccer Guy

    True! I am on the same page, but any speculations of new releases in 2017

  • Abdul Rehman

    hy guys this Abdul Rehman sales representative of Faw vehicle in Faisalabad.
    if some one required any kind of information or want to buy faw v2 even if they want to take road test Don’t feel hesitation just make A phone call 0316-6420618

  • Soccer Guy

    That comes from making and fulfilling promises and availability (economical) of spare parts. However I would prefer waiting until next year as we will be having new releases of new and existing brands.

  • Haris Shahid

    V2 is better option in this category

  • IntelligentSolutions

    Japanese car le lo 4 banday bethay gay to pata chal jaye ga aur jab door lock khrab ho gya to wo b japan se ayega…. Mai kuch months se check kr rha ho gari 1 million k budget mai v2 is best car and i am gonna buy this.

  • Salman Ahmed

    Vitz came in Pakistan? This guy is smoking weeds .

  • Salman Ahmed


  • Salman Ahmed

    Agreed fed up bakrae

  • Guest

    Come on. You forgot the Rustom and Sohrab cycle which every doodhwala uses.

  • Guest

    Please confirm about EPS in V2. Last time I knew it was HPS.

  • Guest

    His choice of words is correct. Vitz “came”. He didn’t say Vitz was “brought”.

    Vitz came in 2005 as used JDM import. It wasn’t successful initially. But then the 1999-2003 model saw a lot of market.

    In a way the comparison is comparable. Vitz was an import model with no local manufacture. Same with V2.

  • Guest

    It depends. The price range of Wagon-R and V2 is same. However the feature set and market placement of Swift and V2 is same.

  • Guest

    The definition of “technically advanced” is subjective.

    Swift has M13 series engine, which utilizes waste spark type of ignition system. V2 uses Toyota-based engine. Now Toyota engines are foolproof, kind of. They are easier to maintain, etc.

  • Omar Seljouk

    Sir the vehicle I have is EPS. The brochure says EPS.
    HPS is out dated and old fashion. Honda city etc all have EPS.
    Wagon R and cultus have MS that is manual steering. Lol

  • Omar Seljouk

    I like the roar of the engine

  • Omar Seljouk

    Sir please buy cultus and do not wait

  • Asad Khaliq

    Technologically speaking there is nothing fancy about the waste spark ignition system. In fact it is much inferior than an ordinary ignition system. Its nothing but a cost reducing feature used by car manufacturers which in fact increases the running cost of the car. Ever wondered why Liana owners cry about failing ignition cables and Baleno owners complaint about backfiring on CNG???

  • Asad Khaliq

    A car that has variable valve timing is DEFINITELY technologically advanced than a simple engine.

  • Asad Khaliq

    “V2 is much more technically advanced car than Swift, which is it yields more fuel mileage. Therefore its engine is technologically more advanced than Swift’s.”

    I dont know how it got posted like this. but i meant to say that V2s engine has a variable valve timing technology (VCT-i similar or same as VVTi) and that makes it better than Swift

  • H__3

    Make another comparison. Price of used FAW vs SWIFT. You will get your answer

  • Isn’t it recursion, you won’t buy FAW as its resale value is less and its resale is less because you won’t buy a FAW :D. All of this considering it’s better than its competitors.

    It all comes down to mentality of our people.

  • Guest again

    Yes, waste spark system is in fact a cost cutting measure, it is a compromise and nothing to be proud of.

    VVT is more advanced than non-VVT, you ae right.

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    Wagon r also has EPS

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    Correction v2 has rear defogger and swift does have crumple zones. I’ve seen v2 it is you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Though a good car for those who buy, use and dispose off.(nobody mind please I’m from the same category) but nothing that’d be in good condition 3 years from now on.

  • mohsin

    I would like to Support any company that will challenge Suzuki and at least put some pressure on them to increase their quality. They have been ruling this market with crap materials and low quality.

    All they do is provide low quality low cost but higher priced vehicles and increase their profits, bribe the officials to restrict entry of international competitors.

    I will strongly recommend move away from Suzuki and support anyone who is trying hard to enter the market and let them feel the heat. Its a global market now so why heavy customs on imported vehicles when your domestic industry is not improving its quality. Why to protect domestic industry when its not caring about their own people.

    SIMPLE Control them with Demand and supply law and don’t let them control you. We as consumers can decide the fair price.

  • Atif zohaib

    FAW Spare parts are too expensive. we have FAW XPV, no spare parts easily available in Quetta. Faw has maintenance contact with Toyota motors here in Quetta. They have untrained and stupid mechanics. Just ask u for lot of money with no service at all. we have a bad experience with FAW

  • Salman A Khan

    in our market there is no question about the quality & comparison, thing is , is it economical or cheaper or the main & core thing RESALE, if the thing will be resalable will get success in market, this is key point of CAR MARKET,

    Suzuki making Kachra car, and focusing after-sales & services,

  • sajjad

    How do you say that their price is b/w Rs.5-7lacs.

  • sajjad

    Thanks for sharing… I will also buy V2 soon

  • Alpha Bravo

    CNG? Lolx

  • Alpha Bravo

    Very nice review. And “Daroo”.. Very well said bro 😀