6 Affordable Sports Bikes in Pakistan


Rising awareness among the Pakistanis due to improving living style conditions has led to the awareness of motorists in the county. Pakistanis have started branching out in the realms of exotic cars and bikes and that is why, I thought to write an article on this development. Granted this particular article will be aimed to showcase some of the available sports-bikes in the country under the PKR 1 million mark. Without further ado, let’s look at the available options.

New Bikes:

  • Honda CBR-150R:

Honda CBR 150R is said to be one of the best two-wheelers ever produced by Honda Japan. CBR 150R holds a 4-Stroke liquid-cooled spark ignition engine mated to a 6-speed transmission. The engine comprises of a programmed fuel-injection system certifying high fuel economy on high speeds. Albeit, Atlas Honda is selling it as a CBU, I hope that the company starts its local manufacturing to drastically decrease its price. Currently the brand new bike is available at PKR 660,000 (ex-factory) price.

  • Benelli TNT25:

The TNT 25, first in its naked class was originally introduced in 2016 by a relatively new player in the Pakistani market. This bike is sold and marketed by Buraq Automobiles. It is powered by a lightweight and spirited liquid-cooled four-stroke single cylinder engine displacing 249cc and utilizing 4-valve technology and dual overhead camshafts for maximum power. Since it’s launch, Pakistani motorbike enthusiasts have flocked to this bike. The company has reportedly sold more than 100 units in the short time span of 3-4 months since its launch. TNT25 is priced in a very competitive range, it’s ex-factory price is PKR 455,000.

  • Suzuki Inazuma:

Modern ergonomic looks coupled with it’s patented advanced twin cylinder engine, Suzuki Inazuma is a bike suited for almost all sorts of riding styles. The fuel-injection system of Suzuki Inazuma electronically manages the fuel volume to provide improved fuel economy while ensuring fewer emissions. The electronic management also provides improved stability and throttle response. This bike is being marketed and sold by Pak-Suzuki and is priced at PKR 725,000 (Ex-Factory).

Used Sports Bikes:

While buying a new bike is always a good idea, nonetheless it is a good idea to have a look at the options available in the second hand market. Hence, the following listed bikes have been included based on their quantity in the local market and PW listings.

  • Yamaha YZF-R6 (2005)

Originally introduced in 1998, this bike is a Yamaha 600 class sport bike. It has been a recipient to many face-lifts in its lifetime. It is easy to find a good nick if given enough time to scavenging and later bartering for a good price. It is generally listed at PKR 1.2 million but can be bought for PKR 1 million.

You can also visit PakWheels.com listing to get an idea about R6’s price.

  • Suzuki Hayabusa (2005):

Originally introduced in 1999, Hayabusa has reigned supreme as the fastest production bike until Kawasaki H2R came along. This ultimate hyper sport bike is a multi-purpose motorbike, which despite it’s blistering performance figures does not compromise on handling and ride comfort. A well maintained 2005 model of this bike is available at PKR 1 million.

You can also visit PakWheels.com listing to get an idea about Hayabusa’s price.

  • Kawasaki Ninja ZX300:

Ninja 300ZX replaced the Ninja 250R. Introduced in 2012, this bike went on to become one of the best-selling bikes of the Kawasaki brand. This bike is available at the price range of PKR 750,000-850,000.

You can also visit PakWheels.com listing to get an idea about Ninja 300ZX’s price.

Chinese Sports Bikes:

Contrary to popular belief, Chinese market excels in providing a wide range of options to consumers from all over the world. It is not their fault that people tend to focus more on making profits and thus import 2nd or 3rd grade goods. When I heard about sports bikes being available at under 0.4 million mark, I was very sceptical. So I decided to visit Sigma Sports. Although they do have the bikes available (yes they work as well), I was not impressed by their quality. Any rider who has driven a sports bike produced by mainstream motorbike manufacturers can easily notice the difference in performance and build quality. These Chinese bikes are available in carburettor engines and they do provide an economical avenue to pursue this hobby. Furthermore, these Chinese (non-branded) bikes are available at the price range of 2.5-5 Lac (Ex-Factory) in Pakistan.