5 Relaxing Techniques For Long Drives

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Long drives tend to be very tiring. One should make adequate stops in order to relax and wash out the chances of any mishaps due to tiredness while driving. Stretching at stops can allow you to be more alert and relaxed during your drive. Below, I’ll be mentioning a few relaxing techniques which are easy to do and allow maximum relaxation to your body:


1. Shoulder Stretch:

Clench your hands together and inhale as raise your arms over your head as far as possible with the palms pointing upwards. Exhale as you bring your hands down behind your back.

Shoulder Flex


2. Shoulder Extension:

While standing, fasten your hands behind your back and push those outwards as far as possible. Hold and count to three before you release them, this will help relax your back and shoulders.

Shoulder Extension


3. Shoulder Circles:

Place your hands on top of your shoulders and make circles as big as possible with your elbows. Circle five times forwards and five times backwards. It will relax the shoulders.

Shoulder Circles


4. Back Extension:

Standing, put your hands on your hips and lean back, slowly bending your back. Don’t overdo it because leaning too much can also cause a muscle to pull. This is help relax your back.

Back Extension


5. Neck Rotation:

Keep your chin pushed down and look over your right shoulder as far as possible. This exercise should be done very slowly and gently. Do the same for the left side. This relaxes your neck and relieves stress.

Neck Rotation


I hope the next time you take your car on a long drive, you will follow these simple steps to relax your body so you can enjoy the ride.

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