Five 7 seater MPV’s in Pakistan that can bring value for money


MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicles) is always  your desired vehicle if you choose to travel with family or with a  group of friends. We have compiled a list of 7 seater cars available in Pakistan with a price tag less than 2.5 Million PKR.

1.Toyota Prius Alpha

Also known as the Toyota Prius V (Versatile) this MPV is the elder sibling to the all-time famous Toyota Prius. While it shares most of the things with its smaller sibling. This MPV is Packed with amazing technology and safety equipment including

  • Push start
  • Keyless Go
  • Humidity Sensing Climate Control
  • Dust/Pollen Filter
  • Toyota Safety Sensing

This car leaves almost nothing to be left desired. Its length is 4645mm or 4630mm depending on the variant you buy, a width of 1775mm and wheelbase spans over 2780mm, the cabin is quite spacious and we found this MPV can easily carry  7 people with ease. What would a Prius be if we don’t talk about its fuel average right? Toyota claims this car can do an average of 26.2km/l which is quite similar to the regular Prius. You can get yourself an imported Prius Alpha in the range of  2 Million PKR to 2.5 Million PKR. Unlike the regular Prius, Prius Alpha isn’t sold by Toyota Indus officially.

2.Honda BR-V

This MPV by Honda Atlas has managed to grab a lot of attention due to SUV-like shape and a considerable amount of features it comes with. Upon seeing this car in person we believe it is a very appealing MPV and offers a very good value for money.

Key Features include

  • DRLS
  • Digital Climate Control
  • 7 inch Infotainment System
  • ABS

Top end variant of the Honda BR-V will  cost you  PKR 23,29,000. This car shares a very similar front fascia with the Honda Vezel but it is longer in length by 158mm and has an elongated wheelbase while fails few mm short in width. During the official release CEO Honda, Shinki Aoyama narrated that “The decision to introduce Honda BR-V in Pakistan is primarily to cater big families and diverse roads of Pakistan.” The biggest advantage of buying this MPV is its nativity in Pakistan, Honda Atlas is manufacturing this car locally, which makes the maintenance of this vehcile affordable and easy. However, since this is a locally manufactured vehicle, it also falls prey to high premium like many other cars.

3.Honda Shuttle

Honda Shuttle is a very less known MPV in Pakistan. Unlike the previous shuttle the new shuttle gets a 7 seat configuration making it a very desirable family car. It features a very modern looking exterior with strong character lines and the interior is similar to that of the Honda Fit. Though shuttle is not a very common MPV on Pakistani road it’s not like it misses on features or equipment of any sort. Fully equipped with modern accident prevention amenities such as

  • Autonomous braking
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Lane departure warning
  • Cruise Control
  • Immobilizer

And things don’t end here. This MPV shares the 1.5L hybrid powertrain from the Honda Vezel and a Dual clutch transmission which uses two different clutches for even and odd gears. In our testing, we found this car to be very punchy and fuel efficient. Honda claims this car to do 32km/l which is quite a lot actually but actual figures always vary . When compared to the Prius Alpha this MPV is smaller in every dimension.  Its length is 4400mm a width of 1695mm and wheelbase of 2540mm. A well-equipped Honda Shuttle will cost you  around 1.8-2.5 Million PKR.

4.Toyota Sienta G

Toyota Sienta is also a lesser known MPV available in the market. Although it looks a bit funky but believe it or not it’s based on the famous subcompact Vitz but its bigger in length at 4235mm and wheelbase of 2750mm while the width remains the same at 1695mm . Just like any other imported car this one also comes with loads of safety equipment and features. The  feature of  sliding doors  makes getting in and out of this car a breeze. This car is a hybrid and shares the same 1.5L power train from the Toyota Aqua and a company claimed mileage of 27.2 km/l. Keep in mind that this car comes with 5, 6 and 7 seat configurations which mean the boot capacity on the 7 seat version will be the lowest. Sienta is imported from Japan and sits between a price of 2.2 Million to 2.5 Million depending on the options.

5. Honda Freed

Similar to the Toyota Sienta this MPV from Honda also comes with a sliding door and with options between 5, 6 and 7 seat configurations. Despite having a tall wagon like body it shares the same 1.5L hybrid engine from the Honda Fit and has a company claimed 27.2 km/l fuel average. This MPV has a width of 1695mm and length of 4215mm whereas the wheelbase spans over 2740mm. Being a JDM car it doesn’t miss on any features or equipment you can think of in its price range. It comes with a digital speedometer like the Civic with push start and key less go options, this vehicle can be equipped with collision prevention tech including

  • Autonomous braking
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Lane departure warning
  • Cruise Control

Honda Freed is gaining popularity on the roads of Pakistan and with prices starting from  PKR 1.9 million and going up to PKR 2.3 Million it is a very compelling option.

Do you think there is a better option available in the market? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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