Flying cars: From movies to reality

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The MIT team from Terrafugia company based in Massachusetts working on driving and flying car combination in a practical way, this highly trained team of scientists, engineers and designers have developed a car that is called the hybrid car-plan (The TF-X). This could be the revolution in automotive world as a Sci-Fi movie becomes true with there flying cars cinematography. “Don’t think of it as a car that flies”, said Terrafugia CEO, CTO and co-founder Carl Diethrich, “Think of it as a plane that drives.”

The speed of TF-X is up to 200MPh, The concept of TF-X is a four seated hybrid car that has wings, and you just need to tell your TF-X where you want to go, and it will fly for you. The company claimed that their vehicle is safer to drive than the modern automobile.

Behind the scenes of Flying Cars invention

Back to the Future film and TV series has the same idea of flying cars, Hollywood never ended making of films or using the idea of flying cars in their movies.

Delorean flying Car from the movie Back To The Future.
Delorean flying Car from the movie Back To The Future.

Ford Angila can be seen flying Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Ford Anglia from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
Ford Anglia from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The Red Baron flies in Monster, Jetsons’ Hovercar in Jetsons animated famous TV series, we always idealized to have this one in life. Flubber-Power Model-T flew with Disney’s most favourite family hit “THE ABSENT MINDED PROFESSOR” in 1961. Godfather in science fiction films “Bladerunner” had Snippers. However; Hollywood still works with having latest ideas of flying cars in films that showed viewers love to see flying cars.

The Red Baron flying car.
The Red Baron flying car.




Spinner from Blade Runner.
Spinner from Blade Runner.
Flubber-Power Model-T

Flying cars are a dream we are chasing. Once in 1950s, the concept lost its credibility. But, the idea of flying vehicle establishing new horizontal dimension toward adopting technology. Apparently, most of us not sure about this will happen to our automobile industry to get involved in such notion?image

Recently, a report in Scientific American justified transforming vehicle, which in turn emphasizes on cars which can fly. Scientists thus are working on potential designs while the US Government is backing to get this technology made available.


The two big names in technology research ‘Lockheed Martin’s & Advanced Tactics’ are working on two different project ‘Aerial Reconfigurable Embedded System’ (ARES) is initiated by Lockheed Martin’s. Meanwhile, the ‘Black Knight’ has been initiated by ‘Advanced Tactics’.


These projects are not for civilians, but hopes are there if they succeeded to make these projects into reality, it is only a matter of time before investors began tapping their commercial value.And days are not far away when roads, motorways, highways will get replaced with flying cars. The traffic police will be Air-Traffic control police and people would love to race in the air freely.

All this while, we would still have Mehran and the 2D.

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