China’s Foton Motor Shows Interest to Invest in Pakistan

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China’s commercial vehicle manufacturer, Foton Motor Company Limited has shown an interest to invest in Pakistan. Last week, a delegation of Foton Motor met up with the Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. Apparently, the company has shown interest to invest in the local automobile industry to expand their business. The Chinese company also appreciated the Government’s recent amendments in the auto-policy for the next five years.

This gesture of interest to invest in the local automobile industry of Pakistan was appreciated by the Federal Finance Minister. The Chairman of the Board of Investment and special advisor of the Prime Minister of Pakistan were also present at this meeting.

It should be noted that Foton is manufacturing commercial vehicles, trucks, tractors and several heavy machineries from past few decades as a subsidiary of the China’s state owned BAIC Group. This company is one of the world’s highest commercial vehicle manufacturers with head office is located in Changping, Beijing. Foton offers heavy duty commercial vehicles as well, in which Toyota Hiace H100’s identical is also included. The company started the production of 2.8-liter and 3.8-liter diesel engine almost a decade ago.

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In Pakistan, Foton Motors Company has sold M-280 truck with Master Motors Company. Apart from this, Foton Tunland has also been spotted in different cities of Pakistan, which have been in the use of different law enforcement agencies across the country. Here, the role of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), is helping the companies of both countries to explore different avenues of interest and work in a harmonious fashion. Many industry specialists are predicting that with the completion of CPEC, the business institutes of both countries will be benefiting a lot.

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Foton Motros is also involved in different projects with multiple noteworthy international companies, and German Company Diamler is one of them. Both these companies are producing trucks for the Chinese market since 2010. The company has 24 international factories, providing employment to over 300,000 people and a combined worth of total assets exceeds 50 Billion Yuans. The company is also planning to start business in India and Bangladesh.

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  1. Sultan Kiani says

    Replica cars are coming to Pakistan!

  2. Muhammad Yasir says

    well … as long as they are cheap 😀

  3. M. Asad Aslam says

    Who cares if they are cheap in price :p

  4. Marcio says

    well i was about to buy a vigo or prado(used) but i think i will wait now and see what foton has to offer and at what price 😀

  5. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Yeah that is one thing that bothers me about Chinese cars, but it would be interesting if they are not cheap in quality

  6. Guest says

    Hamza Roadster and Panorama van have been here for a long time.

    Master trucks reportedly use Hino and Mazda spare parts.

    Not to mention the millions of brands of chonda CD-70s.

  7. Guest says

    They are cheaper, just compare the interior of Hiace to the interior of Panorama van or Hamza roadster.

  8. Sultan Kiani says

    Even Rescue 1122 ambulance in Punjab is Toyota Hiace 1990s replica

  9. Sultan Kiani says

    Cheap quality and price. Indian manufactured cars are also known well for poor quality but at least those cars are not replicas. I hate replica products. China can’t make a beautiful design, most of their products are copied but when they make original design, something like FAW V2 is born!

  10. Sultan Kiani says

    Cheap price + 1.5 star safety rating!

  11. Sultan Kiani says

    Foton Tunland is Vigo’s replica but I was surprised to see that it got 4 star safety rating in front crash in Australia.

  12. Car Point says

    I have Inspected FOTON TUNLAND Closely…. It is Ok with its speed, but this car never ever competes Toyota Build Quality…. It’s suspension system is way poor and Build quality of Suspension system is very very low as compared to Toyota. Materials used in this car are look alikes but are very very fragile. It gives a feeling of a TOY CAR…… Remember One thing:- You Will Get What You Pay For………… China does not gives us LOW RATES, but they give us Low Cost Cars at Low Quality…. If you dis agree with me than start a TEST at yourself…

  13. Muhammad Yasir says


  14. Guest again says

    Chinese cars manufactured under local brands are not durable at all, easy to catch rust and easy to fall apart, with the exception of a few cases.
    OTOH they export Evoque LHD and that is pretty good. MG coming out of the same factory has much better quality than Roewe coming out of the same factory.

    Despite these observations, the real reason of Chinese products being low cost is not low quality, it is the game they play with their currency through artificial depreciation.

  15. SPZ says

    MG Roewe same , no such rumor of quality gap. general Roewe more options,

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