The Reality Behind Chinese Mehran (Jiangnan TT) News in Pakistan

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About 2 months back, we reported about a Chinese car that looks similar to our local Suzuki Mehran. The car is being assembled by a subsidiary of Zotye Automobile and is named Jiangnan TT. The car is being sold in China for now only. This duplicate of Suzuki Mehran is the cheapest available brand new car in China. The car is priced at 15,800 Yuan which roughly equals to PKR 250,000.

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A series of rumors started after the reports of this cheap Mehran-like car on the internet in Pakistan. People somehow started to think the car will one day make it to Pakistan as well. We also received similar news that some private company is going to introduce this incredible deal of a car in Pakistan on 1st July 2016 as well. Believe it or now, we have been continuously receiving queries about the availability of this car in Pakistan. We decided to present all available answers in the form of a blog here. The aim is to provide you a clear picture of what is true and what is false about the arrival of this car in Pakistan.


Will it be introduced in Pakistan?

No, it will not be. We haven’t been able to find one reliable source regarding the news that the new cheaper Chinese Mehran is coming to Pakistan. So we would advise you not to believe in any such news. In Pakistan, only Pak Suzuki is authorized to launch anything that looks like a Mehran or has a Suzuki badge. Pak Suzuki is an official partner of Suzuki Japan Motors and is licensed to produce cars under Suzuki name.

Is there a chance for PKR 2.5 lac Mehran to be available in Pakistan?

Once again, there is no such chance at all. You should be very careful here now. We have heard news about criminals (so called Jiangnan TT dealers in Pakistan) charging innocent buyers a pre-booking fee for this car. These crooks call clueless potential buyers in a very professional and organized manner and have been promoting their fake promotional campaign through Facebook pages as well. Many people have felt victim to this fraud and have lost their hard-earned money. The reality is, no trustworthy company, including Pak Suzuki, has shown any interest in bringing this car to Pakistan. And the fact is that Pak Suzuki has been selling the same car since the last couple of decades. So expecting them to launch a cheaper yet better car is not a good idea.

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Can we import Jiangnan TT to Pakistan?

Technically yes. But there is a lot more than what meets the eyes. We will not advise you to import one in Pakistan. There are several reasons, but the main one is that the cars assembled in China are left-hand drive. Whereas we here in Pakistan need right-hand drive cars. Chinese cars drive on right side of the road, and we drive on left side of the road. And converting it from left hand to right-hand drive is going to be an expensive job. Also, there is going to be some heavy taxation involved in bringing a car from China. You can expect the price to jump as much as three times of the original price of the car. And then there is an issue of parts as well. Most of the body panels are similar, but the engine and interior components can cause an issue.

Are the internet rumors about the car false?

In short, yes. They are all bogus, and there is no chance for the import of Jiangnan TT to Pakistan. Some local Pakistani websites have been running half-baked news stories and rumors to get traffic. All they need are some clicks. Such news articles are spreading uncertainty among the Pakistani auto consumers and are extremely misleading.

We here at PakWheels work hard to bring you the authentic news related to Pakistani auto scene. Don’t waste your time on unofficial and random web articles you see here and there. Happy motoring.


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  1. hafizG says

    Good article. I heard this rumour from my cousins at Eid and was curious about its authenticity. Thanks guys

  2. Awesome says

    Bakwas karte ho tum loaG, YE tumhari monopoly hai so that no body beat your unjust sky-high price of such a worthless so-called cheap mehran car. One day you will see that china made cars will be introduced in Pak inshallah.

  3. muhammad amman says

    lanat hay tum logon ki is community par jo k itna nahi kar sakti k ek compain karwa k is car ko pakistan main allow karwa day with that tag price of 250000……………bas ameer londoooooon ki garhiyon ki gariyon ki numaesh karwa lo ……………….i will never come to any of you show again

  4. asher says

    Suzuki Mehran walo, Sharam karo. Article writing se pehlay price ka comparison kar lo. Agar china 250000 main wahan yeh car sale kartay hain to tum ko pakistan main mout parti hay.
    Beghairity se hath nikalo, sharam karo….

    Tumhari to neendain ur gai hoon ge, kajain aisa such much ho he na jaye…

  5. Waqas says

    Though whatever it say may be true, but it seems this article is sponsored by Pak Suzuki motors. Shame on you Pak Suzuki for charging a fortune for cheap & substandard cars.

  6. Salman ahmed says

    Best way to read pakwheels blog is to not see people comment at all, har koi idhar gari ka master bana bethae ha

  7. Muhabat says

    Jis nein bhi article likha bechara huq bhi adda na kur saka…ajj ke hi news paper mein eik mews ya dunya paper lhr mein..pakistan stock market dunya ki 10 ubharti hui stock market mein ahamil..due to infrastructure development and auto market investment by different new companies……
    Chinese auto juld hi nazr aye gi pakistan mein…acha wp honda nein booking start ki thi new civic ki…kia hua…pakwheels ko khud samgh nai ayi us waqt…
    Wait and see ye 2 takkay la ke likhnay walay samghte hein ka baqi sab bewaqoof hein

  8. Partner says

    Bhai , I my self going again to China next month for partnership with company. The proof I can give you that are we not launched China made motor cycle in Pakistan at very low price? And Honda Atlas was very upset at that time and was writing such articles,

    But we launched those bikes and everyone even a poor can purchase up model bike.

    Now soon you will see car and at the end if 2016, you will drive yourself.

    You all needs to give us credit for making you enable to afford cheap car and bike. But here I see different thinking.

    Ex-partner of Suzuki and general motors.

  9. Ahsan says

    Great job sir. I appreciate

  10. Hassan Rao says

    This car was launched back in 2010….why it will came here now.

  11. umar says

    this car is not coming to Pakistan… infrastructure developement… pata to tab chalay ga jab qarz utarna shrow karo gay…

    existing companies apny new model la nhi rahin time pa tum or just chand cars hain pk ma or tum logon ki bongian sun lo k boht c companies pk ma anay ka soch ri hain lol

    jhan pa cars ki orignal price pa govt na 200% tax laga ho or phir koi auto policy e na mojood o salon sa wahn tum jaisy din ma khuwab daikhnay walay e milain gay…

    Chines mehran koi scean nhi ha pak ma…

  12. Guest says

    No, 众泰 actually “stopped” its manufacture back in 2010.
    They are selling remaining stock now. The list price in 20800 元, they are selling it (in China) at a 5000 元 discount at 15800 元 (price mentioned by the writer in the article) but Mehran and its knocks-offs are so disgusting nobody wants to buy it.

  13. Also guest says

    1. The article has one shortcoming, the name/names used by apparent looters/fraudias has not been shared.

    2. LOL factor: Pakistanis are so much in love with Mehran that they are even paying up advance money that too not for Mehran, but a 3rd copy knock-off of Mehran. (2nd copy SC7080A/SC7081A made under license by 长安汽车, then 长安 sold their tools and plants to 江南 when they discontinued the model.)

  14. Love says

    Mat ana! Pehlay he banday pe banda charha hota hai.

  15. ahmad ullah khan says

    Ref to Mr. Asad Aslam blog Pakistani’s wont be able to see this car here ever.. FYI this car was available in Pakistan in 2003 & 2004 many of my friends purchased it and are still using it…. Stop spreading this nonsense… Poor people of Pakistan should be able to buy a vehicle in low cost. Suzuki company people who paid the article writer to write such a blog should be ashamed. In Pakistan Suzuki Company is selling crap for high prices

  16. Muhammad Zim says

    Considering everything true, I want to share one point: Pak Suzuki is only authorized to bring Suzuki Brand or name or logo. But its not Suzuki Brand. Shape resemblance is something different and allowed in Pakistan, as you can see cd70 copies by 70 companies

  17. Ali Younes says

    Salam Everyone,
    Instead of complaining why doesn’t all of us boycott local assembled Crap Cars which cost us way more than luxury cars around the globe if we stop buying their products and continue buying used Imported Japanese cars then believe me these local looters will have to rethink their strategy. Now after the ban has been lifted from importing used cars which is still in effect in some terms and conditions but a 5 years old 50km or 100km driven used Japanese car is way better than a local assembled car then why don’t we buy those cars they have way better millage better safety features and a lot of other stuff which local assembled brand new cars don’t deliver. So why not give them a try.

  18. Shiraz Maqbool says

    So you expect us to praise you because you launched chinese clone CD 70s at a lower price. Essentially a crappier version of the CD 70 crap. Now you say that you’re going to launch this. Which is again a re-wrapped 1980s 2nd Gen Alto which we have been buying here for decades and given the price point, is probably going to be as crappy as the aforesaid bikes. I’m impressed by the sheer chutzpah you have.

    I don’t blame you though. I blame the public who say something made by the local auto industry is shit, then buy that same shit when it is made cheaper by lowering the quality of the material.

    On second thoughts, I blame you too. There are so many good vehicles business owners can bring into the country if they have the risk appetite for it, but nah. You guys just want the cheap clones because the public is familiar with them and they’ll sell so you’ll get some profit on the business venture quickly.

  19. muhammad amman says


  20. Guest yet again says

    You are outright lying because 江南 acquired the tools and plant from 长安汽车 in 2005. Before that, there was no Jiangnan TT, rather it was marketed as Chang’an SC7081A.

  21. Adnan Shafi says

    asal mein aisay baray baray investors jinho ne Mehran pe paisa invest kiya ho ga wo apnay apka loss karwa k China Mehran ko ynun aam public hon dein gay?? impossible!

  22. farok sayer says

    Pakistani manufacturers have been supported by the stupid Pak government and are selling junk at high prices asking for 100% advance and 5 months delivery time.This is happening only in our glorious Pakistan where the poor man has an existence of an animal.Import should be allowed and our people should be able to buy cheap cars.And if the looters want to close their factories good luck and good riddance.

  23. farok sayer says

    Inshallah all these looters will go home one day, Toyota, suzuki and Honda.

  24. Aftab Ahmad Ahmad says

    How many payment you have received while creating this blog L O L

  25. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    he must be one of the fraud dealers :p

  26. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    it can be imported by people but I dont think at 3 times the price? 2000 cc ki gari mangwa rahay ho kya?

  27. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    You aren’t even showing up your face or name and we should believe you?
    Your English is extremely weak for a person who claims to be working in automotive industry and a person who is going on an international trip for business.
    Why’d we give you credit, isn’t your word of mouth good enough, after all you are the “ex-partner” and also why don’t you enlist your company in stock exchange and sell shares or bonds instead of begging people to fund your fraud?

  28. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    pehli bat. ye suzuki ki website ne ha pakwheels ki ha or pakwheels waly khud 3 auto manufacturers(honda, toyota, suzuki) ki oligopoly sa tang ha.
    dusri. ye article fraud sa bachany k leay likha ha kyun k kuch log chinese mehran ka dealer zahir kar k advance bookings pakar rahy or gaib ho jayen gy.
    teesri baat, China ma b is model ki production band ho gyi ha or wo bachy hue piece bech rahy, or ye saary left hand drive(steering on left side) waly hain, inka Pakistan ma koi faida ne.

  29. Muhammad Yasir says

    What about India made Tata Nano? could it be made available in Pakistan?Is it really a low cost car?

  30. Guest yet again says

    Tum Qaim Ali Shah ke zamane mein zinda ho. China made cars Pakistan men pehle he introduce ho chuki hen, tum soo rahe thay uss waqt? Ab khaab se uth kar InshAllah MashAllah kar rahe ho.

    Karakoram Motors yad nai he tumain? Phir Al-Haj wale FAW ki garian nai lay? Dysin wale Foton ke truck nai lay?

  31. Partner says

    Bhai, People are writing in urdu , but i still try to write in English and typing from mobile may have some errors..? Next year, in March you will see alot of Chines car here in pakistan and you Mehran will be down.. Bad time coming for Suzuki Mehran..
    Suzuki stopped manufactering of Mehran from next year..

    As you see every one have cheep Motorbike, will have cheep car soon..

  32. Partner says

    I do not need any praise, just people need cheap car and it will be soon here, say bye bye to Suzuki Looters from March, 2017

  33. Muhammad Yasir says

    wtf.. u have the same name !

  34. Muhammad Yasir says

    Mind your language…

  35. Muhammad Yasir says

    and you’re an asshat !

    no so similar after all

    mind your stupid self , JACKASS !

  36. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    and China has already stopped manufacturing this 2.5 lac mehran, there are leftover pieces that are being sold for 2.5 lac but all those are left hand drive.

  37. Brajmohan Lahkar says

    no buddy you can’t import a car from India seems like Pakistan government has put a ban on anything where its written “Made in India”.And I really feel sorry for you guys since you have to pay such heavy sums for simple cars like Mehran. I hope you have more choices available in the future and I also hope Pakistan opens its doors for Indian car manufactures to do business in your country.

  38. Engr. Muhammad Yasir says

    No doubt it is the monopoly of three Japanese car companies in Pakistan that in collusion with Pakistani government are fleecing the masses by selling substandard cars like Mehran at stupendously high costs.
    Pakistani manufactured car in 2004-2005 was a good effort in this regard to manufacture low cost locally manufactured cars in Pakistan but that project also flopped perhaps due to collusion of these Japanese automaker companies with corrupt elements of Pakistani Government.
    I have seen documentaries on TATA Nano on National Geographics overall design and manufacturing process of that car seemed quite impressive.
    Chinese Hatchback FAW has been launched in Pakistan;it seems to be a good car but price seems to be on high side perhaps due to heavy taxes imposed by Government.
    Pakisani auto industry seem to be pathetically poor in its development over multiple decades perhaps Government has never been interested in development in this sector

  39. Tariq Farooq says

    jiagnan tt pakistan ma available ha ya ni

  40. Tariq Farooq says

    china mehran pakistan ma available ha yes or no

  41. Ibtaha Mukhtar says

    ap ned say ho? ma b , mray teacher nay kch is trha bataya mujhay lagraha hai ap b unhi k stdnt hain

  42. Engr. Muhammad Yasir says

    No I am not from NED, I am graduate of UET Taxila

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