Cheapest Car of China Is A Revamped Suzuki Mehran!

Chinese automaker, Zotye Automobile’s subsidiary, Jiangnan unveiled Jiangnan TT which not only looks like a face lifted Suzuki Mehran, but it is also the cheapest car in the Chinese Market at a starting price of 15,800 Yuan which translates to  just PKR. 250,000.

Exterior of Jiangnan TT is without a doubt reminiscent of Suzuki Mehran as are its dimensions however, once you step inside, it manages to offer a basic twenty first century Kei car interior unlike that of Mehran, whose interior has remained largely unchanged since its original release in the 1980s. Under the hood it has an 800cc three cylinder engine which produces 36 horsepower, 3 less than Mehran with a four speed manual transmission. Moreover, Jiangnan also manages to offer optional Air Conditioning, ABS and power windows at less than half the price of Mehran.

There are two important factors to consider before we compare the price of Suzuki Mehran with Jiangnan TT. We need to put into account the sheer market size of Chinese auto market and the availability of various cheap locally made basic Kei cars which might have influenced its competitive pricing. In addition to this, it is currently receiving a 5000 Yuan discount by dealers which indicate a negative demand that too would have contributed towards its low price.

Jiangnan TT makes one thing sure that second generation Alto will keep on living even if it gets replaced after the imminent launch of eighth generation Alto in Pakistan.


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Adan Ali

Adan is a Rising Journalism Sophomore at Northwestern University, with an inclination towards non-political investigative journalism and advertising. He is currently serving as a Research Assistant for the Arab World’s first media museum, The Media Majlis and an Admissions Diplomat at NU-Q. Adan comes with an experience of almost three years in the field of media creation, alongside Dawn, Parhlo, PakWheels, and The Daily Q occupying the roles of an Intern, Guest Writer, and Staff Reporter. Formerly, Adan has served as a Founder and CEO of The Nixor Times, a media and advertising company, besides which, he has offered his services as a Member of Board at Nixor Corporate. He tweets @adanali12 and runs a channel on YouTube.

  • Salman Shah

    how can we get this?

  • A guy with a little brain

    You stupid dumbass

  • Usman

    It’s left hand drive

  • Guest

    Unveiled? When?

    AFAIR, 众泰 had discontinued this car a few years ago. It is not even present on the 众泰 website.

  • A guy with full brain

    You idiot, dump, tell import duties

  • Moaz Malik

    From the looks of it there’s three different versions available, differentiated by exterior styling and quality of the interior. The one with the quoted price most likely has the basic grey plastic interior with manually-operated windows.

  • Adnan Ihsan

    any franchise which this car available. how much after import duty

  • Furqan Fahim

    250 lac with duty or without

  • Ellahi Junejo

    I want to bay China mehran

  • Muhammad Asif

    I like it I want to purchase please tell me if you know about this car

  • Abbas Naseem

    Good work Adan
    Nice sharing

  • ahmed

    want to buy whats the procedure and from
    where should i go to purchase

  • Guest again

    Apparently 4000 people per day are reading this article. I will write the Chinese from above photos and videos so people can search on their own (use google translate to translate the pages). In the first photo in the slider above, the name of company is written as 众泰-江南新能源.

    The video below is pretty basic, just a slideshow of pictures. It has no press release, no official pictures, no discussion by company officials or press reporters, no comments by dignitaries, does not show the car performing in real world situations. However in many photos the car has a showroom numberplate and the name is written 江南奥拓. The pronunciation of 奥拓 is similar to “auto” or “alto (without the L)”. In Urdu you may write it as “آؤ تَھو”.

    Jiangnan was a subsidiary of 众泰 (Zotye). It had only one product, the TT. It was discontinued a few years ago and replaced by Zotye Z100, as noted by chinaautoweb, and noticed by the absence of TT from Zotye’s official website. The reason was that the sales were falling down. Maybe the old stock is still being sold at a discount to clear the inventory. This PW article also says that the manufacturer was selling it on 5000 CNY discount but still nobody would buy it. So they discontinued it and replaced it by a modern version (talking about Chinese market) in 2013.

    Previously, Suzuki of China (called Chang’an 长安汽车) was manufacturing Mehran with the name of SC7080A from 1988 to 2001. The replaced it with a facelift called SC7081A in 2001, and production ended in 2008. (At least I cannot see any visible difference between the SC7080A and SC7081A, maybe some small differences under the hood).
    When they discontinued it, Jiangnan bought the tools and plant and introduced it as Jiangnan TT in 2009. In a few years, Jiangnan realised that Mehran (=TT) is so, so, so, sooooooo obsolete that even with a discount, customers won’t buy it. Therefore they decided to discontinue it in 2013 and replaced it by Z100, which is much more expensive but at least people are buying it.

    This also teaches a lesson to Pakistan that in the presence of choice and variety, nobody would buy a Mehran, even if it is sold with a discount. Heck, even if they pay money to customers to take the Mehran, if they (customers) have a choice, they would still refuse the Mehran.

  • Shaheryar Hassan

    From where i can buy this car on pakistan sindh. Kindly inform me 03473642522

  • Yes, It should be better quality and finish ! Current mehran door handles (inside and out), door lock knobs etc. are not worth more than 10 rupees each and yet they buy in bulk quantity ! Stop buying Paki Mehran for God’s sake !

  • Ameen Nathani

    I dont think Pak Suzuki would ever let the govt to allow import of this car. BYD a brand popular in china made corolla and harrier replicas did we got them?
    When our big 3 dont let govt allow import 3+ yr cars how is this possible?

  • Emran

    Well, this is a left hand drive. This post should not even be published.

  • S. A. M. Ghauri

    Incomplete article; and not thoroughly researched; please this story is half baked. Thank you.

  • Faiz

    Right said . Pak suzuki will give money to Govt. To stop the import of the Car.
    And for our Govt. Money is every thing..

  • Zaheer

    I don’t find any relevance of article with the pakistani market. Why we are talking about a discontinued car which can’t be imported here? The article does not provide sufficient info. For instance, people are asking how can I buy it, what’s the exact price in Pakistan. Did anyone see it in Pakistan? If not, that’s probably a waste of energy and people’s time

  • Faisal Inayat

    This not something new it was launched in the Chinese market from 3-4 years back, the down side is our policies are not in our favor to import it on its original price…

  • irshad ghani

    we are at the mercy of a stu,id finance minister(s) current and previous all. we have only three brands in our country,Toyota,suzuki,and Honda. We are compelled to select from them,and companies are charging whatever they like. Look at any other economy including India, there is open market compitition and prices are much economical still yielding lot more taxes for the govt plus generating employment.

  • Muhammad Tayyab Gill

    I like it I want to purchase please tell me if you know about this car

  • Usman Razzaq

    The Jiangnan car is just introduced in China not for Pakistan. This production might be introduced in Pakistan but not available here right now. I can understand the excitement of Pakistanis that they want better abd cheaper can with compare to Mehran; i also know that Pakistanis are sick of Mehran because of its high price and poor quality. But i can pray that; may Pakistani see such affordable and reliable car soon in Pakistan.
    Best Wishes for my Pakistanis

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