How To Remove Car Scratches with Household Things

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The car scratches is a serious issue and  with time, it can get serious, if you do not take proper care of it. Even if it’s not normal wear and tear of the surface, you will get scratches on the paint if the service station where you take it for weekly washing is using rags and inappropriate materials.

Consequences of Car Scratches:

Either you can take it to a professional detailer, who will charge your Rs10000 to 15000 to do the whole car depending upon your vehicle, more for larger vehicles, or you can try removing them on your own. There are also professional products that are easily available in the market that help you bring the shine of the paint job to its former glory.

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But how about using some unconventional methods to achieve the same? This article is about how to remove scratches from your car’s paint with household things. But before we start, I must say that do this at your own risk. It might backfire. And also, the trick for removing those tiny scratches and swirls, and nothing deep that requires a primer and a repaint.

WD-40 to Remove Car Scratches: 

First off, the very trusty WD-40. WD-40, as many of you would know, is multipurpose water-displacing spray. There are several videos on the internet explaining how to use WD-40 but the easiest way is to spray the area you are after with plenty of WD-40, and then let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, take a microfiber or any other soft, clean cloth and start scrubbing the surface. After few minutes of scrubbing, check the area for the progress. Repeat the cycle if needed.

In those videos, you will find just as many people who believe this method works, compared to those who think its just a hoax. But hey, no harm in trying it yourself before you take it to a professional.


Yet again a very popular substance that has been used by people to remove the scratches and scuff marks. It mainly works if you use this method on a car with white paint. One thing more, it is recommended to use a simple florid toothpaste and not those fancy gel pastes. The directions are simple. Put a layer of toothpaste on the area you want to clean, leave it for few minutes (5-10 mins) and start scrubbing with one of those green scourer pads you have in your kitchen to wash utensils. Give that area a deep scrub and you got yourself a nice clean scuff-free paint. First, try this method on small things, like colored side mirrors of your car, to see the result.

Nail Polish to Remove Car Scratches: 

This product is surely available in every home, so next time your car gets a scratch, borrow nail polish from your wife or sister. This item will help you paint over the effected part. You just have to find a nail polish, which matches to the paint of your car, just brush it over the scratch very gently and your car is now painted. However, clean the scratch with a soft cloth before applying the nail polish. We have a pro tip for you, use this item after apply toothpaste or magic eraser on the scratch, because it will smooth out the surface.

nail polish

Candle Wax: 

This is another remedy to cover up the scratches on your car’s body. The candle wax can cover the scratches rather quickly and act as a sealant. The method to use wax is to rub a warm wax on the scratch until its flush with your vehicle. However, remember that this remedy is for emergency use and cover-ups only, because it may cause damage to body of your car in the long run.

candle wax

Shoe Polish:

The creamy, fast-drying texture, smoothness and color of shoe polish makes it a great remedy for removing scratches on your car. One thing you must remember is that polish color should be a shade darker than your paint of your car. The method to use this item is to clean the scratch first carefully. Then gently apply the shoe polish directly on the scratch and rub it for a few minutes, if needed.

Shoe polish

Or if you are not interested in experimenting, just take it to a paint shop or a detailer near you, and they will make it all new and shiny for you. Happy motoring!

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    not much expensive big bottle is probably maybe 300 or something its really useful

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    The writer should have shared his “own” experience rather than just writing the article for the sake of writing !

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