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Servicing Your Car’s Throttle Body

Automobile innovation has come a long way. Today we have smarter cars with computers in the form of Engine Control Units (ECUs) which regulate a lot of settings that had to be adjusted manually on older cars

Cleaning Your Air-system

A basic knowledge of working of typical engine would tell you that internal combustion engine mix fuel with air. Combustion takes place when that mixture is ignited. So clean air going in is as important as,…

The Risky Business Of Innovation

For roughly forty years - each of those years we have witnessed a new model of bike launched by local assemblers into the Pakistani market, ironically, every part of the 40 year old bike can still be…

Coolant Change and Radiator Flush

For some of you, this may be a simple job but for those who don’t is a step by step guide on how to change the coolant in your car and to flush clean the radiator at the same time. You should also…