Fun Facts about Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran internationally known as the Suzuki Alto, is one of the oldest cars on the roads of Pakistan, and most probably Asia. It is also the ugliest car on the face of the earth, which is agreed by most of the people who use it. Despite being ugly, the car is also one of the most selling cars of all time. The reason behind the success is its resale value and cheap maintenance.

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Did you know?

– The Suzuki Mehran we see on the roads today is actually the 2nd generation of the car which was introduced in 1988 and is still in production in Pakistan with no significant changes.

– FX, Mehran and Alto are the names of the same platform of the car.

-The monopoly of Suzuki subsidiary in Pakistan, Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited,  at one point used to sell Suzuki Mehran and Alto side by side while charging different prices for the same platform of different generations. Suzuki does the same with Cultus and Swift. Both cars are actually Suzuki Swift.

– You can only buy a used Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan at the price of 100,000. Suzuki Mehran used to cost a hundred thousand rupees in the 80’s while today the same car costs close to seven hundred thousand rupees with no significant change in the platform.

– After the introduction of Euro II engine in Mehran the sales of the car have dropped meaning that most loyal users of Mehran prefer the 26-year-old carburetor engine more than the 16-year-old Euro II engine.

– One can cause all the damage to Mehran and get it restored 100% including the paint in less than 35,000 rupees, making it the cheapest car to maintain.

No wonder this car is still on the roads and not in the museum. The next time you are looking for a car which is cheap to maintain and which you can sell at profit after using it for a couple of years, then Mehran is a no-brainer.



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Shahzeb Asif

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  • Mohsin Javed

    Mehran is like Windows XP, you have used it and if a new laptop comes with no OS on it, atleast you can get everything with Windows XP install 😛

  • Arsalan Ali

    Lame………….. don’t know what the admin/ moderators of Pakwheels blog think before approving such posts

  • I was unable to find that fun fact stuff here, they were just plain and simple fact and few of them I actually didn’t knew.

  • Kashif Abbasi

    Mehran Zero meter with A.C will cost around 715000 Rupees after registration… But Imported un registered 660 cc Car will Cost 945000 Rupees after registration… What one should buy? if he has only 800000 Rupees and Wants Trouble free car….

  • Alpha Bravo


  • mani

    think again, can you really fix the damaged mehran in 35k including paint job?.

  • Ammar Hassan

    35K is more… one of my friend did the same in 12k