The 13 years old vintage car show at Monterrey continues to surprise its followers

“I have always loved cars, I can’t tell you why, they’re just so wonderful, and when you see people who restore them like this, they’re great and I like the old classics,” said a car fan Jo Mullins at the Vintage car show in Monterrey.

The vintage car show have been attracting its fan since past 13 years and every year there is something new to show up for followers. Castroville car lover Sal Seeno spent five years and $30,000 completely restoring his 1970 Chevy Nova with a corvette engine. He said rebuilding cars is in his blood and it is the passion that fuels him up when the work gets tough.

Whether it’s a redone version of a car like Seeno’s or the original classic cars, every machine out there had a unique story and a different start. The car show also had a 1961 Lincoln Continental four-dour convertible which is also known as the Kennedy cars. It is the same type o car that President John F. Kennedy was riding when he was assassinated.

It is respectable to carry out such events so that the passion of cars never dies and the legacy of rebuilding and keeping antiques remains there till the end.

In the same spirit, the Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan will start its 5th Annual Cross Country Rally on Wednesday from Karachi all the way to PakWheels Islamabad Auto Show 2014 and beyond.

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