E Bike Officially Launched in Pakistan

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E Bike is the latest addition to the automotive scene in Pakistan. The Electric Bike or E Bike is Pakistan’s first fully electric motorcycle, which means it does not require petrol or any other fuel to run. It has an electric engine in place of an internal combustion engine that runs completely on rechargeable batteries. Just charge the bike and take it on a ride.

The E Bike was formally launched in a public ceremony held yesterday at Sea View Karachi followed by Test Drives to the attendees. Athar Ahmed Khan, the owner of TAZ Trading – the company which is importing E Bikes in Pakistan – said that with the introduction of these bikes, he is hoping to replace the conventional 70cc motorcycles by giving the people of Pakistan an eco-friendly and noiseless solution to the air and noise pollution problem, which is faced by many people daily.

According World Health Organization (WHO), pollution causes 170,000 deaths in Pakistan and losses of $369 Million annually. Internal combustion engine vehicles are the major cause of pollution in Pakistan and two wheelers alone contribute significantly in this pollution, as 48% of the individuals use two wheelers as a mode of transport  in the country.

TAZ Trading has already sold 25 of these bikes in Faisalabad and with the official launch in Karachi, Mr. Khan is very optimistic about the future of E Bikes in Pakistan and he hopes to replace the internal combustion engine bikes in the next five years.

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E Bikes run on electricity (rechargeable batteries) and are eco-friendly. E Bike can go up to speeds of 60 kmph and do close to 70km per unit of electricity, according to an analysis of Energy Conservation Department of K-Electric, which comes up to about 1 rupee for every 9 kilometers traveled. The E Bike can cover a distance of 100 kilometers on a single charge meaning it can reduce running costs by up to 90%. The average expense of running a conventional motorcycle is around 3,000 rupees a month, whereas the E Bike can provide similar utility in only 300 rupees.

The E Bike is powered by an 800 watts brushless motor and a 60 volts 20 amperes battery, which has an estimated life of up to 50,000 kilometers and a replacement costs of Rs. 12,000. The starting price of E Bike is Rs. 89,000 which goes up to Rs.96,000, and the best part is, by law, these bikes do not require registration with the excise and taxation department as they are under 50cc. The company is providing after sales service at the doorstep of the consumers.

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In my opinion, it is a positive step towards the development of stagnant auto industry of Pakistan, and if successful, the company may set up an assembly plant in the country, which would help the economy by producing jobs and reducing the foreign exchange spent on importing oil. These bikes have the potential to become the future of short commutes in the country. Electric Bikes are already  being used as a regular mode of transport in India and China, where they are considered very practical and are popular amongst young women, who use the bikes daily for their commute to work or college instead of the public transport, and I do not see why this cannot happen in Pakistan.

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  1. bilal ilyas says

    Soon there will be tax on these as well since if this is a hit, the government wont want to loose an opportunity on earning a few extra bucks

  2. Usman Ahmed says

    Beware, this thing only does 40 to 50km per charge if driven conservatively. The mileage drops when you have to use the headlight.

  3. Farhan says

    Excellent initiative. One of my close friends baught it and I also took a test ride. It has an amazing ride. Very convenient ride as there is no gear shifting. Fun to ride.
    Recommended for covering small distances.

  4. Parvez Mukhtar Rana says

    where to buy in Lahore

  5. Muhammad Laman Samo says

    A good read 🙂

  6. Imran says

    It has keyless start and no registration, means when it is lost/ theft you will not have to bother for a FIR

  7. Muhammad Abid says

    دوسال سے میرے استمال میں ہے اچھی چیز ہے 48 وولٹ میں

    یہ اس سے بہتر ہے زیادہ وولٹیج اینڈ کرنٹ کی وجہ سے ﷲ کامیاب کرے

  8. Muhammad Yasir says

    WAIT! an automatic bike ?!

  9. Muhammad Yasir says

    greedy bastards , as usual.

  10. Muhammad Yasir says

    Next Logical steps should be to Introduce CHEAPEST OF THE CHEAP E-Cars in Pakistan to ERADICATE pollution here AND to make Vehicular transport more accessible and affordable for the Pakistani in general.

    Right now , cars are priced wayyyy over the top ! too much bewlshyte in those .6 million PKR tags on hags like Mehran :/

  11. Farhan says

    Yes…. It is

  12. Muhammad Yasir says

    well , then..
    im all for it!

  13. haseeb says

    yaar hybrid bike kuo nahi aa rahi pakistan main…ager kese ko koi information hay tu shear karay mujhay …03214500096

  14. A Chaudhry says

    If your going to use the english alphabet then type in english u prat so that everyone can understand.

  15. khalid Mahmood says

    Although its a good effort in the field of electric vehicles, the company have to improve much in its shape of the mentioned scooter.

  16. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    Cheapest of the cheap “electric car”? Forget about it. For example, in the US an ordinary electric car, named Tesla, is available for about 12 million Pakistani rupees.

  17. Muhammad Yasir says

    u mad bro ?

    ever heard of CHINESE electric cars , which btw , are being WIDELY used in EU and US !

  18. Muhammad Yasir says

    hint : alibaba . com

  19. Muhammad Yasir says


  20. Muhammad Yasir says

    i dont giv af about shape and looks as long as its CHEAPER and safer !

  21. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    I’d rather like you to improve your English and learn to respect others.

    There is a very useful website called “Google” that you can use to learn more about Tesla and find out how “mad” I am.

    As far as your “Chinese” cars are concerned, would you spend 1.5 millions on a 30 kilometers ranged car? That lasts for two years and has no warranty whatsoever? That nobody has ever heard of? That takes 15 hours to recharge?

    Tesla is the second-best selling electric-car, if you don’t know. With a 400 kilometers plus range. With free recharging in under 20 minutes at super-charging stations. With acceleration and speed of a super car. Your Chinese car is far, far, far away from that.

  22. Muhammad Yasir says

    i get it now…. ur just another illiterate paindu !

    stop being a j a c k a s s and look around u , everything is made in china

    no use talking to someone like u …

  23. Hammad Aslam says

    this is the conventional shape of e-bike. for example in china e-bikes from different manufacturers have almost the same shape.

  24. Mansoor says

    I would love to see a portable battery. This would make it possible for the owner to recharge the battery at work, so that it has enough juice to make the return journey after work.

  25. hasan says

    I don’t think this bike is gonna be any success in this country. Because. It is a scooty (style) bike. Which is for ease of ladies. Around the world except Italy. Even wespas are no more in Pakistan. Secondly its price is way too high.you need to win peoples trust with your product start with a lower end model. Like something in 30k range. I know its too much to ask but for me i would love to see an electric bike with a muscular look. Like Honda delux or Yamaha 150 or at least Suzuki gd110.

  26. hasan says

    Do you know anything about Tesla other then its name? Lol. Tesla is a beast. Off course it’s gonna be expensive.

  27. Umair A. Shahid says

    “in the US an ordinary electric car, named Tesla”

    It goes 0-60 in 3.1 seconds and is more than 400 HP. Are you drunk or what?

  28. Tayyab Farooq says

    It cost around 36000 RUPEES in CHINA…
    If our ministers give subsidy on Import of these bikes into Pakistan, it can easily reached at 39000 to 40000
    then it will be in competition with others bikes as well…

    but if govt. do this, Ministry of Petrolume will be defaulter after peoples no use of petrol

  29. Falak says

    Where can I buy one?

  30. Emperor says

    Are you bloody kidding me? 89 – 90000Rs that is 900$ for a god damn scooter? Come on man.. This country bloody sucks.. 40000Rs (400$) was more than enough price. Hope China takes over this failed country im living in..

  31. Harris Rehman says

    exactly .. but who would fed Arabian puppies …???

  32. Harris Rehman says

    if there are everywhere hybrid bikes and electric bike.. then who would fed bloody Arabian puppies …???

  33. Harris Rehman says

    exactly .. then who would fed Arabian puppies …???

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