Why is Toyota Corolla more popular in Sindh

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Ever wondered why Toyota Corolla is seen more on the roads of Sindh than on the roads of Punjab, and Honda City is seen more on the roads of Punjab than on the roads of Sindh?

I, along with the help of my friends, went to different people and conducted an informal survey to find out why is that so. Many people came out with vague answers, but some of them gave us proper reasoning which we thought is worth sharing with you guys.

Many people were of the opinion that this is because of the difference in the road conditions of both the provinces. If you travel by road from Karachi to Lahore, you will notice that the road infrastructure of Punjab is relatively better than that of Sindh. Toyota Corolla has always been a more durable vehicle when compared to Honda City. This is probably one of the reasons why people of Sindh prefer Corolla over City, as I am also from Sindh and can vouch for the road conditions.

In a small chit-chat with a guy about the topic, he said that I go to visit my village every weekend and for me the last 2 years had been pathetic for driving on the highways. When I asked why, he said:

“I purchased a Honda City for a change and was unaware of the issues that can occur when you drive it on damaged and metal roads. The car literally used to make noises from almost everywhere from the dashboard to the trunk. In the end, I had no option but to sell off the car.”

“No doubt City is an amazing car, but I would never suggest it to people who travel a lot to Interior Sindh. The car is best for driving in the city and on paved roads, but driving it on metal roads is a nightmare”, he further added.

In an interview with another guy named Shahzaib, he answered the same question by saying:

“because usually cars are bought on family history and if your parents bought a Toyota Corolla you will also go for it.” He also said that, “road conditions also play an important role in the decision. When you have to drive on damaged roads, maintaining a Honda vehicle is not easy.”

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  1. Sandtiger says

    Initially once I bought 07 corolla as I was not impressed with her braking and one of the friends said
    that people usually confuse this cars with sedans whereas it is two in one sadan as well as partially an off road vehicle close to jeep, if not 100%. Yes, then I got the chance to drive 07 model corolla all the way from Islamabad to Karima Abad, Hunza and trust me that her suspension is very well suited to driving on little rough roads, front of this vehicle is little elevated but once vehicle is fully loaded then road clearance from behind decreases which can easily be compensated with slight suspension raise. Overall, I was very
    satisfied and city on other hand is not so well suited for rougher roads. I also did get a chance to drive my 13 model corolla to Astore Valley and then further to Karima abad, it also did perform above my expectation, comfortable ride and a very good suspension. This is a main reason, that people usually prefer corollas over city as we do have non-metallic and broken roads in most parts of country.

  2. Anari Khilari says

    sindhis are corrupt and dont take care of their province. hence stuck with corolla

  3. Khizer Idrees says

    Another reason is ride quality. Due to stiff suspension, City, or Honda for that matter, is worse on broken roads and pot holes whereas Corolla, bearing comfortable suspension, copes well. Even in Karachi you see more number of Corolla than City.

  4. Hasaan Anees says

    You cannot blame the sindhis, just because of a few people not every sindhi should be blamed. We have got alot of corrupt people who are Punjabis, Balochis, Pathans and Muhajirs etc so just because of a few people you cannot blame everyone. Some sindhis have also done well for Pakistan so please never blame everyone. You also belong from a cast and that cast must have some corrupt people. Secondly, if you have a problem from the province leave it and go settle in some other province.

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