Functions, installation & settings of Advancer/Emulator

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Note: This is applicable to all cars whether they have CNG or not.

I have a 1999 Honda Civic  which has an engine with a distributor and rotor, unlike new cars that have Coil over Plug ignition system ( Direct Ignition) without a distributor.
I wanted to install an Advancer/ Emulator in my car but the mechanics were not approving it as they said that Advancer cannot be installed in this car mainly due to presence of distributor. So i decided to do it myself.


Here is some info about the Advancers & Emulators.

Function of Emulator

It fools the ECU of your car that the injectors are working and the car is running on petrol even when it is running on CNG.
It also saves your INJECTORS from damage as it turns OFF the injectors when car is running on CNG.

Function of Advancer

It Fools the ECU by manipulating the signals to ECU by various sensors. It intercepts the sensor signals & sends corrected/manipulated signals to the ECU so the ECU Advances the ignition timing as per the sensor signal automatically.
Basically it is installed so that ignition timing of the vehicle remains at default settings for PETROL as u drive on PETROL and automatically advances when you convert to CNG, without having to move the DISTRIBUTOR physically. So the vehicle runs perfectly on PETROL as well as on CNG.

Normal Practice by Local Mechanics
I have seen many EFI cars without Advancer & emulator, (My car was 1 of them). Basically the mechanics cut out the power wires of all injectors so the injectors wont run on CNG. So if u do not wish to mess with the wiring, install an EMULATOR.
They generally don’t install an ADVANCER and set the ignition timing as per CNG & say that u normally run your car on CNG so it is OK but what if we have to run the car on PETROL. It will have less power, jerks, missing and overall crappy engine when running on petrol, unless your retard the timing by moving distributor every time u convert to petrol and again when converting to CNG.
Note: A single loose wire on an EFI car can BURN your ECU costing u Rs 15000-20000.


Installing an EMULATOR only is no problem. It normally has a blue wire which is connected to the blue power wire of CNG Kit solenoid in the engine bay. The black wire is grounded with body and the original holders of injectors are pulled off and plugged into the plugs of EMULATOR and Holders on emulator wire harness are plugged into the injectors. (a 5-Minutes job)

Installing a 2in1 ADVANCER/ EMULATOR
I have seen many different brands but most of them are local made with Chinese chips. Don’t worry even they have different varieties. A good Chinese one will do the job As it did in my case i bought a TOMASETTO LOVATTO NEW CIP5 in Rs 1800.

You only have to get the correct wiring harness along with it according to your cars brand which you have to find out are the wires from your MAP/MAF sensor & TPS (throttle position sensor).
These wires can be found with the help of a voltmeter. You have to find out the wire that gives variable signal to ECU b/w 0-5 volts.
An easy way to find out the wires is to download the service manual of your car, if you don’t have it already, Google it because the manual will tell you the location of both sensors and the wire you need to know.
Just cut the Signal wire of MAP/MAF sensor and connect with the device wiring as per the diagram below. Than find the wire of TPS but don’t cut it, only peal it a little & connect the yellow wire as per the diagram.
Connect the BLUE wire to power 12v of CNG solenoid;
Ground the black wire to the body;
Connect the holders of fuel injectors as described above,
And you’re done!

Now if you have an oxygen sensor then connect it as per previous procedure. Most old cars doesn’t have oxygen sensor. Otherwise leave oxygen sensor wiring untouched.

Now switch ON the IGNITION. No lights will be there on the device. Now start the engine and switch over to CNG. The lights on the device should turn ON.

Description of LEDs
RED (right most) is the indicator for advance activated and it should turn ON when you press the accelerator only.
GREEN (second from right) should be on when idling and not accelerating. The red light will be off at that time.
Forget about the remaining three lights on the left if you have not connected the oxygen sensor.

1. Now its time for fine tuning your system. Let the engine run till the time it reaches its normal operating temperature or the radiator fan turns ON.

2. Get your timing light if you have one, and set the ignition timing on factory default by moving the distributor if required. The timing must be set to factory default and engine must be running on petrol (not CNG).

3. If you dont have timing light then go to any mechanic and tell him to set the original timing on petrol. Just a 5 minutes job. Should be free.

Now turn your engine OFF and set the 4 switches on the device as under:
1. ON (down) (OFF for standard advance on all speeds, ON for Dynamic advance as per the vehicle speed).
2. OFF (UP) (only works if oxygen sensor connected).
3. ON (down) (only works if oxygen sensor connected).
4. (UP) ( down for dynamic advance adjustment OFF and UP for dynamic advance adjustment ON).
5. Now Start your engine & switch over to CNG. The lights should turn on.
6. At idling, only green light should be ON, when accelerating, only red light should be ON. If it is like that then you’re done and enjoy the drive.
7. If the red light is always ON or turn ON after increasing lots of acceleration than adjust the advancer with the help of a turnable switch inside the RIGHT MOST HOLE beside the red light.
8. Let your engine idle and insert a small screw driver into the hole & turn the screw fully right or left until the Green light turns ON. Then very slowly move it in reverse direction until RED light turns on. Now at this position move it slightly back so that the GREEN light is ON again but dont move any further.
9 Now the setup should be like this:
– Green light ON when idling on CNG
– RED light must turn oN when u start pressing the accelerator.
Everything is done & ready. ENjoy ur ride on PETROL as well as on CNG alike.

Advantages which I got
1. The low power situation on CNG was solved.
2. Car runs smoother on CNG as well as petrol without missing , jerks etc.
3. More mileage.
4. Solved idling problem on CNG
5. Bogging/ low power till 1500 rpm vanished. i can now move the car with AC ON even in 2nd gear from hault.

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  1. Tahir44 says

    Very informative article Irfan, I clearified my concepts about emulator and advancer 🙂

    Best of Luck, if you want to help regarding baleno manual / diagnostics, feel free to contact.

    M. Tahir Aziz

  2. Jahanzeb says

    Excellent article and the description is very good and helpful. I have duet 2003. I will check my advancer and emulator wiring as per the diagram. You haven’t covered the integration of oxygen sensor with the advancer/emulator. Can u throw some light on it as i am planning to connect the oxygen sensor also.

  3. irfan44 says

    Just connect the signal wire of oxygen sensor as per the diagram. the settings 4 O2 sensor with the centre 2 buttons will be done as per ur car. if it doesnt giv u Check engine light 4 O2 then u r good to go. for further details u can contact me.

  4. Malik says

    thanks for alot for such a worth reading information and help. believe me most of the CNG mechanics only know how to install it and that is it.. but not that much technicality.

    thanks once again.

  5. Saleem says

    I want to thank Mr. Irfan for such a nice information.

    I had problem with my Liana Lxi about CNG as below:
    1.low mileage on CNG
    2. Idling Problem on CNG
    3. Low Pick on CNG
    After goggling all the info’s and helps, i came to this thread and believe me this thread has solved my most of the important problem that i had with this car.

    First of all i tried to check the Cable Harness for Advancer of my Suzuki Liana LXI and it was disconnected from the Advancer.

    Then i went to Electrician and asked him to settle this as per your diagram and he did.

    After that, i am in heavens. Now i have adjusted the advancer as per your directions and pick, mileage is 100% solved.
    but idling is quite solved and quite remained unsolved. Now at idling car RPM goes up and down on “AC SWITCHED ON” like AC Tripping. But working much much better than before.

    One more thing, my electrician has also peal off the MAP Sensor cable but not disconnected permanently from the MAP and connected Advancer White Cable. he said “it will work”??

    should i disconnect the other cables from MAP and only connect advancer white cable with MAP sensor?

    But , Really thankful to you and your directions that you have given life to my car that i was thinking to sale.. if you feels like please help in this idling problem. i would be very thankful to you.

  6. Sherjeel says

    My dolphin d15b carbi has this device installed too, i dont know for what reason, does this green device also works on carbi engines? please advise.

  7. Sustainable Business Center says

    -nicely explained; great.

  8. Talha Malik says

    Ok, here is a question. We have wirings for TPS, MAF and Oxygen sensor. I have seen technicians only connecting one of the sensors with the “two in one Advancer Emulator”. Point is, will it make any difference if we connect all three or let the emulator/advancer function with single sensor only.

  9. Talha Malik says

    Two wires from Advancer Emulator are connected with ECU and how do we identify these two wirings from ECU end.

  10. Talha Malik says

    I don’t understand, things are now confusing here related to these jumper buttons and let me explain why.
    Manual says that once this switch is towards 1 which is down then its on and once its away from 1 then its off and same is the case with other buttons like once its bent towards 2 then its on and once away then off.

    In image you have kept 1 and 4 as off, whereas 2 and 3 as on. Switches 2 and three works once connected with oxygen sensor which in your scenario is not connected, whereas 1 and 4 should be on which you have shown as off and you are referring to it via uploaded image.

    Is it a poor documentation (which comes along with it) of what and how does blue and black wire of advancer emulator which is suppose to be connected with solenoids as per figure and then how would CNG switch known as commutator switch will integrate with the entire setup. Honestly, blue and black wire is nothing more than it needs power from somewhere that’s why they are connecting it with solenoid valves as CNG switch wires which are also black and blue once provides power to the solenoid valve then automatically will power the advancer/emulator. Internet and the documentation which comes along with the booklet is bullshit as it does not explains how to do the advance calibration adjustment instead of one which is explained on TPS sensor via small switch below. How about two on its side.

  11. Sajjad Bangash says

    Can i install CNG kit with the Advancer & emulator in 2005 Honda City Vario

  12. Muhammad Ikram says

    Can i install CNG kit with the Advancer & emulator in 2015 Green Cab Boolan Cary Daba?

  13. Neeraj Nim says

    Hi Irfan. Do you have garage in delhi. if yes please let me know I would like get my car’s CNG issues resolved. I too facing lot of issues with CNG setting and fitment. My car has started consuming lot of petrol while on CNG drive and performance on CNG is too bad right now.

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