General Tyre becomes popular among car users across Pakistan: PakWheels Survey 2017

‘General Tyre’ has bagged the most popular car tyre award in Pakistan, in the local brand category, as part of People’s Choice Car Awards. The awarding was based on the opinions recorded in the online survey conducted in 2017 by, Pakistan’s No.1 automobile portal.

In this survey, a total of 19,155 numbers of responses were recorded from all over the country.

General Tyre is serving the local industry and consumers for the past many years now. It is the only company in Pakistan, which is making tyres according to the conditions and temperature of Pakistani roads. The built quality, durability and resilience are the factors that are keeping the pace of General Tyres strong in Pakistan. Furthermore, General Tyres have always catered to a vast majority of customers in Pakistan, which is also one of the primary reasons for this brand’s highly coveted P.R among the masses.


According to the company’s annual fiscal report 2017, General Tyre has managed to produce a convincing gross profit of PKR 2,056  million rupees, which is quite remarkable. And apparently, the company has managed to turn a hefty profit in terms of sales and product delivery. Hence, the reason ‘General Tyres’ is enjoying the No.1 rank in the local market against all other competitors.

About the company:

The General Tyre and Rubber Company of Pakistan Limited (GTR) came into existence in 1963, at Landhi, Karachi on a 25-acre plot and commenced its production in 1964.

The name ‘GENERAL’ carries the highest top of the mind brand name recall in Pakistan when it comes to tyres. The capacity of the company stands at 2.5 million tyres approximately meeting one-third of the country’s demand. It is producing tyre sizes and patterns that cover almost 85% of the sizes in demand in Pakistan. GTR is the first & largest automotive tyre manufacturer in the country producing tyres for cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks/buses, tractors, and CNG Rickshaw. While the motorcycle tyre plant has been added with the capacity of one million tyres per annum.

Notable Replies

  1. Why most popular car tyre??
    bcoz sub se sasta yehi h baki sare iss se upar hain in price comparison..aur phir pakistan mein logon ko mehran k liay issi trah k cost effective tyre ki zarurat prti h..mehran ko 3K wala lagwa lo ya 15K wala all weather high speed, jhatke same to same 0 difference..
    aur khuda ka wasta reviews mein iss ki jaan chor do.. kal ko yeh na kehna Airbus A380 k liay general apna tyre recommend krta h.

  2. Sub se sasta aur ghatiya tyre

  3. gatiya tyre hain

    popular isi lia hain k gatiya hain

  4. why there is no manufacturing date on General tyres?

  5. It is reasonably well, first off, it is made in Pakistan.. i am ready to accept slightly inferior product which is made in pakistan, i have altis with 30k on odo only 1 gets the puncture, rest are going fine, braking, road noise are acceptable, they have improved over time.

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