Dry rot and its effect on car tires

Tires are as important as any other part of the car. Car tires ensure that the car is performing efficiently and is stopping appropriately when brakes are applied. For example, old or worn off tires at high speed and in case of emergency will severely affect the brakes of the car. Driving with such tires can also lead to a tire been blown, leading to a life-threatening accident.

Therefore, there is a need to be very careful with old tires, and you need to check whether your tire has dry rot or not, at first. But, let us tell you about the dry rot on tires. “Tire dry rot” is also sometimes called “sidewall cracking”. This common phenomenon leads to hairline cracks along the tread and sidewalls. The rubber along these cracks fades from black to dull grey. The tire becomes brittle as well.

If you observe such cracks on your tires, take your vehicle to repair shop. Excessive heat, low pressure in tires and inactivity are one of the leading causes of automobile tire dry rot.

dry rot-1

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The sun is the biggest enemy of tires’ rubber and takes a toll on them, even if you drive your car seldom, or even the old car, which looks new, gets affected by the sun. Therefore, check the tires of a used car properly before purchasing it. Spare and stored tires, on the other hand, last longer because they are not in contact with the sunlight and are safe in the boot of the car. But once they come in contact with the sunlight, their efficiency decrease with time. A proper check on tires is must, and it is safe to replace tires within 4-6 years when they are being used. Other factors are involved as well, such as the road conditions and the kilometres, which the car has covered. 

The vehicle tires, on off roads, has seen worse driving condition than the one been driven on clean roads of the city and thus such tires show an excessive amount of cracks on the sidewalls of tires. Therefore, replacement of tires also depends on when the tires start to skid even with the safe amount of tread on them; it is time to replace them. It should also be noted that while replacing a tire, its dimension and size should be the same as the previous one. 

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