The car and bike tyres selection trends in Pakistan

The tyre is one of the essential parts of any vehicle, and indeed the only part which faces more beat, which is why people tend to care more about them with using different techniques to protect it and enhance its life expectancy. We at also write articles concerning different aspect of tyres to aware the people about them. When it comes to buying the tyres and preferring tyres made by different companies, each person has his/her own opinion on this matter. So, to know what tyre manufacturing company people prefer; conducted a survey last year.

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In this survey, a total of 19,155 numbers of responses were recorded from all over the country. asked the following question:

What tyre brand or company do you prefer?

58 percent of the respondents prefer Dunlop, Bridgestone and Yokohama tyre, while remaining prefer other brands. Dunlop topped the chart with 23 percent respondent favouring it. It is imperative to mention here that General Tyre won the most popular car tyre award in Pakistan in local category brand as part of the People’s Choice Car Awards.

Many other brands have won people’s choice award as well.

Click here to view the complete report and list of award winners!

The responses mentioned above were recorded by car users and owners. We asked the same question to bike users/owners, and their reaction is as follow:

  • 39 percent prefer Servis Tyres
  • 21 percent gave their verdict in favour of Panther Tyres
  • 15 percent favour General Tyres
  • 25 percent said they like other tyre manufacturing brands

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80 percent car users/owners said that they prefer AGS, Exide, and Osaka brands, while 20 percent asserted that they like other brands.`

An overwhelming 92 percent majority of bike user/owners said that they like AGS, Exide and Osaka brands, whereas only a little 8 percent responded in favour of other brands.


What brands do you guys prefer, do tell in the comments section below?

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