Glory 580 Pro Vs. KIA Sportage – A Comparison

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As Glory 580 Pro is cruising through the roads across Pakistan, we have brought its comparison with KIA Sportage. In this piece, we will compare Front Wheel Drive (FWD) variants of both cars.

In this article, we are going to compare the salient features of both compact SUVs, so fasten your seatbelts and read the comparison.

Engine and Transmission: 

DFSK has launched Glory 580 Pro with 1500cc Turbocharged engine, which generates 150hp and 220Nm torque. Meanwhile, KIA Sportage comes with 2000cc Naturally Aspirated engine, producing 155hp and 196Nm torque. It means that Pro’s engine is smaller in size but as it is Turbocharged, hence it produces almost equal horsepower and more torque than Sportage.

Furthermore, Pro comes with 6-Speed CVT, while Sportage has 6-Speed Automatic Transmission, giving a clear edge to DFSK’s vehicle.

Seating Capacity: 

Pro has the seating capacity for 7-people, while only 5-people can sit in Sportage, meaning Pro is spacious as compared to its competitor. This makes Pro a friendly vehicle for family trips and friends’ hangouts.


Both vehicles by DFSK and KIA come with 18-inch Alloy Rims. Meanwhile, Sportage has Electric/Heated Side View Mirrors in comparison with Pro’s Electric/Heated with 360 Camera Side View Mirrors of Pro. Henceforth, the owner of Pro would have view from all sides of the vehicle, making it extremely easy to drive and maneuver.


Coming to interior, you will find that the SUV by DFSK has 9-inch infotainment system against Sportage’s 10.1-inch screen. Moreover, Pro comes with Leather Seats, while Sportage has Fabric ones.


On one hand, 580 Pro has 4 airbags, while on the other hand, Sportage offers only 2 airbags, making Pro safer vehicle.

Additional Features in Glory 580 Pro:

DFSK has installed a number of features, which are not in Sportage. First, Pro comes with Voice Command feature named i-Talk, through which you can control several options including Call Accept/Reject, Audio Control and others.

Further, Pro has Parking Sensors  on both rear and front, making it very easy to park it, while Sportage FWD only offers rear sensors.  Finally, Pro comes with Tyre Pressure Monitoring System which tells you pressure of your tyres at all times, making it safer and convenient vehicle to drive against its competitor.


Last but not least, the price comparison. DFSK has set the price of Glory 580 Pro at Rs4,549,000, while the current rate of Sportage is Rs4,899,000. It means that Pro is Rs3,50,000 cheaper than Sportage.


Glory 580 Pro Vs. KIA Sportage

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