Government Announces New Duty Structure

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The new Duty Structure is attached below with no significant changes however, a major change has arrived in the duty structure of Hybrid Vehicles. The Federal Government has exempted customs duty, sales and withholding tax on import of Hybrid Electric Vehicles of up to 50 percent.

10356402_783827865000733_1911184185735762745_n duty  2 duty sheet

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  1. Muhammad Asghar Durrani says

    Is there anyone to explain these taxes calculations with examples, like if I get a 2014 model Hybrid car 1800 CC (Axio) with a CIF Karachi price, how would be the tax calculated?

  2. Jazib Pervez says

    Nothing will benefit the customers, as the prices remain same in the market. Only people who benefit are the Impoters and dealers. These policies are made to please high level businessmen who are part of the government.

  3. Haris Khan says

    all i can see is it will benefit the ppl in mass transport business..importers and dealers will have no effect since they will pass on the burden to end users…plus the local manufacturers will get benefit from the soaring prices of imported vehicles…

  4. Mir Sarfaraz Baloch says

    so tht was right decision to buy a car before budget

  5. Fazal Hussain says

    1800 cc hybrid car duty increase or decrease. Let me know please

  6. Waqar Hassan says

    98.43% Increase in the price.
    Say you are getting a car worth 10lacs from japan, you ll get it here in pakistan in 20lacs. Previously if you would import a car, the duty would make the price to touch as high as 27 lacs.

  7. Waqar Hassan says

    50% Exempted.

  8. Waqar Hassan says

    I absolutely no idea what you have tried to explain.

  9. Waqar Hassan says

    You now have option to import the car yourself. So Big win for the hybrid lovers.

  10. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    but the pictures that you shared above have stated in them that the custom duty of cars from 1800cc and above is 117%? So it means 117% of the original price of the car im buying? Please guide me, I’ll be thankful.

  11. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    for example Im getting a 1800cc car in 10Lacs, 117% duty and taxes included I will get it in 21.7 lacs?

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