Top 3 Tips For Driving In Heavy Rain

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With the monsoon season approaching, heavy rains can wreak havoc on the roads, posing a significant challenge for all drivers, especially haulage professionals. While driving in heavy rain might not be a pleasant experience, it’s essential to take precautions as it significantly increases the risk of accidents, especially for heavy vehicle drivers. To keep yourself and others safe on the road during heavy rain, consider these three crucial tips.

1. Preparations:

When it comes to driving in heavy rain, preparation is your best friend. Being proactive and taking steps before you hit the road can make all the difference in ensuring your safety.

Plan Your Route:

Before setting off, plan your route carefully. Familiarize yourself with the main roads and identify alternative routes. This knowledge can be invaluable if you encounter unexpected road closures or hazards due to heavy rain.

Stay Connected:

If you’re driving a commercial or private vehicle, make sure someone knows your route, estimated arrival time, and departure point. Stay in contact with a supervisor, guide, or someone familiar with the road conditions. In case of emergencies, having someone who knows your whereabouts can be a lifesaver.

Carry Essential Supplies:

Always carry an extra fuel tank, especially on long journeys. Ensure your windscreen wipers and headlights are functional. Keep your mobile phone fully charged and carry an extra charged battery. In severe weather, these essentials can make a significant difference in your safety and ability to communicate.

Be Prepared to Reschedule:

In extreme weather conditions, sometimes it’s best to postpone your trip. If the weather is too severe, consider rescheduling your drive. Remember, safety should always be the top priority.

2. On the Road:

Once you’re on the road, every moment counts, and every decision matters. To maximize safety during heavy rain, keep the following tips in mind:

Use Headlights Wisely:

Visibility is greatly reduced during heavy rain, so use your vehicle’s headlights responsibly. Remember that oncoming drivers may be struggling with visibility, so use your lights to help others see you.

Avoid Fog Lights:

While it might seem logical to use fog lights in heavy rain, it’s actually more effective to use dipped headlights. Fog lights can cause glare and reduce visibility for other drivers.

Maintain a Safe Following Distance:

On slippery roads, maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you is crucial. Allow at least three car lengths between your vehicle and the one ahead. This extra space can provide valuable reaction time in case of sudden stops.

Steer with Care:

Even at lower speeds, wet roads can be treacherous. Avoid sudden, sharp movements of the steering wheel, as cars can hydroplane, losing traction on the road surface.

3. Avoid Flooded Areas:

One of the most common causes of accidents during heavy rain is attempting to drive through flooded areas. While the urge to reach your destination quickly is understandable, choosing a route filled with risks, including standing water on the road, is not advisable.

Avoid Floodwater:

No matter how urgent your journey may be, never attempt to drive through floodwater. It’s a recipe for disaster and can lead to engine damage or even a life-threatening situation.

By following these tips, you can significantly enhance your safety while driving in heavy rain. Remember, safety on the road is a shared responsibility, so let’s work together to ensure everyone’s well-being.

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  1. Sham Butt says

    i will take precautions,but what about the other drivers,many drivers dont care and drive like crazy in rain,they dont care if anybody gets hurt,oh well….at least i will and thank you for posting this,much helpful

  2. Nadir Khitran says

    Well in case of heavy rain. Do not stop as the driver coming behind may not judje ur vehicle is parked or in motion.

  3. Ahmed Talal says

    While visibility level is too low, turn on parking lights. The yellowish light can be seen from distance or through fog, rain.

  4. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Good safety points to keep in mind when driving in heavy rain.

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